Tags and front cover problems

  • 15 January 2017
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I didn't find the question by a quick research, sorry if it exists somewhere else. Also I post in the French part of the forum but no one seems to have an answer for now.

I installed some sonos devices yesterday, I mainly play flac music from my hard drive. Most of that music had been ripped from my CD's with "dbpoweramp".

The player from sonos app don't seem to care about some tags, in particular the "compilation" one (don't know if it's the same item's name in english but probably). This tag is usefull for me with other players: when I make a research by artists, the one who are just here for a single song in a Disney best of of my son doesn't appear.

Here, all the artists, even in albums tagged as "compilation" appear. It make the artists research kind of "heavy".

Do you know how I can fix this ?

Also: all the covers found by dbpoweramp appear in the app, but the ones I upploaded from a picture (in dppoweramp) don't. Is it normal ?

Thank's by advance and sorry for the language mistakes I probably made.

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1 reply

I guess you have to change the behavior of "compilations" under Settings/Music Library

Good luck