Support Spotify Connect to allow users to use the Spotify app as the controller.

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Another vote for adding Spotify connect here; only just started the leap into Sonos (currently a heavy AirPlay user). It would be excellent if Sonos could be as slick to use.
I recently pulled the trigger on two Sonos connects and don't regret it. We're a 100% windows family, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Surface RT... I bought "Phonos" for our phones and it's cool, it lets me access stuff already set up on my services (pretty much) but it doesn't have the same capabilities as the PC AP. And I read poor reviews for the 3rd party RT apps. When it comes to music services we are a Spotify family. We LOVE it. Such an awesome pure focus on music. It pairs so well with Sonos and it would be fantastic to control it from the PC app, and ideally the Windows Phone 8 app too. That's my verbose version of this topic. I'm excited to see what comes and hope that Sonos and Spotify can continue to recognize for many families they are a perfect marriage. That along with some speakers and AMPs 😉
Forgive me if I am wrong, but if you have an Sonos ipod dock and an old ipod touch, you could theoretically have spotify connect through your sonos system, it would just be a bit slow to move between different zones as you would have to launch the sonos software to change. A work around, but I can see a fix through something similar could be possible, what about a "spotify sonos dongle" that includes the "new" hardware required to use the spotify connect system and link it to your sonos system, opening up the entire thing to spotify's connect architecture and monetizing it for them at the same time!
and not all of us are ipod/iphone users 🙂
Am I the only one who thinks Spotify won't exist in 5 years? They are still losing money every year, with no relief in sight. They've had to reluctantly add support for Google Cast Audio, which directly competes wit their own Connect. Other providers with very deep products have services that are every bit as good, and getting better with every update. They had a "cool" factor years ago that has worn off for most, IMO. The trendsetters are starting to abandon them, having seen the writing on the wall:
Aside from Amazon, whose business model is "reinvestment instead of profits" not "lose money to eventually make money", there's never been a company that loses money every year and survives. Eventually the venture capital dries up and the company is sold for scraps. Spotify will be the of the 2010s.
after Phillips' announcement last week comes the next one from Pioneer regarding firmware upgrades on existing products to make them 'Spotify Connect compatible' so clearly no special 'chip' is required. I doubt very much it is a technological limitation. For whatever reason, Spotify and Sonos cannot/will not reach an agreement for Sonos to do the same. Since Spotify get a premium subscription regardless, I fail to see why they wouldnt allow this.
It just clearly shows that this is known for a while XW-SMA3-K has been released in JUNE 2012 Others in March 2013 and later. So it can not be said that Sonos wouldn't have be able to know about it, when Pioneer over a year ago was already producing hardware that is able to acquire a certification. So either Pioneer knew way before (which I do not believe) or SONOS simply had this knowledge but kept on selling the hardware under false argumentation as delivering the best Spotify experience, knowing that this wont last for long. Lets see how SONOS reacts, else this indice might be a great cliffhanger for my lawyer to have all of my sonos equipment returned as they do false promises about product capabilities..
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Yes having your investment revolve around Spotify can't be good long term. Flexibility (like Sonos offers) is the only way. Of course that doesn't mean flexibility in addition of chromecast audio wouldn't be welcome to replace something like Spotify connect. But chromecast audio pretty much is Spotify connect for multiple services. So I wouldn't invest in something with Spotify and not chromecast.
I've been watching this topic for some weeks and am frustrated as many writers that I can't use Sonos to interact with the full and excellent functionality of Spotify. I have Sonos in two houses and love it but am having a new affair with a piece of kit that gets around this problem and rivals Sonos quality, being a Bose Soundlink Mini. I feel guilty about this dirty little secret but I so want just to set a Spotify Radio session and enjoy it while i do a day's work. Come on Sonos.....stop my cheating ways and add Spotify radio.
Same attitude as with Windows 8 / Phone 8 app. Simply ignore the customers. I bought 2xSonos Play:5 uniquely to listen to Spotify, with the intention to buy 4 more to cover my house. Sonos controller for Spotify has not evolved and apparently will not evolve anymore. Other makers are rapidly catching up on Sonos build/sound quality but will offer Spotify Connect. In my case the choice is quickly made. I am not hanging around until it pleases Sonos to communicate or adapt. Watch eBay for a pair of Sonos Play:5.
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Focused solely on Spotify. Bad move.
Just bought my sonos play:3 and sadly only just found this post. I can understand the guys at sonos having their own app, but if its branded as compatible with spotify and doesn't allow the full range of features (especially radio) then that simply misleading advertisement. Luckily the place I bought it from gives full refunds. It's back box already and I'll be getting my money back and swapping it for a different brand tomorrow. Sorry Sonos, you looked great and roped me in, but not providing a competitive offering isn't going to bode well for your future.
Another vote for Spotify Connect support with Sonos systems. The sonos app is a great all rounder but my whole music library uses Spotify and I find Spotify's user interface and queuing system much better than Sonos's. For the high asking price for Sonos systems I would expect this feature to be implemented.
I can't believe this feature is not even being considered by the sonos team. It would be so simple to add it... I bought two play:5 and a SUB. But as of this moment, i will stop any future sonos device purchases until this gets resolved. If it's not resolved in a reasonable time frame, i will definitely sell all my sonos systems and buy the really new stuff that other companies are going to release. SONOS: This is not the way you treat all your current loyal customers... and of course the lack of new features like SPOTIFY CONNECT will NOT attract any new customers. I bought sonos products in the past because they were the best at the moment... but your arrogant way to tell your customers that your controller is "the best" will make all SONOS devices an inferior product (compared to the competition) very, very soon. Of course you could change your mind and be the very first company to bring SPOTIFY CONNECT to the public.
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Why does it say built for Spotify (a proprietary service). How about add chromecast audio instead of a system devoted to a single service.
I cannot believe how difficult Sonos makes it to discover new music. They claim that these devices give you all the music in the world at your fingertips, but apparently you have to be familiar with all the music in the world before you can play it through Sonos. I can't believe I wasted so much money on a speaker. There go my plans to fill my house with Sonos. I guess I'm in the market for a good set of computer speakers now.
Samsung and Bose have both announced new speakers that will compete with Sonos. The specs of both brands show to be more flexible in the different ways that music can be broadcast to the speakers in comparison to Sonos. Samsung single speaker configuration allows you to listen to music via Bluetooth and NFC configuration. A hub configuration is also available if multiple speakers are purchased. Should Sonos be worried? How about the technology used by all 3 brands...which one is better/more reliable for clear/clean/uninterrupted music? Your thoughts?
Interestingly it sounds like this is a decision by Sonos not to participate. Not Spotify not allowing Sonos to participate. I'm referring to the recent announcements from the Sonos Sales Director. Please can Sonos correct my miss understanding or confirm correct.
Is there an official statement from Sonos WHY they don't want to integrate Spotify connect? It's a simple question, isn't it? For me it's still a dealbreaker! :@

Because it has no future? Spotify can cast to Chromecast Audio. Get one, plug into Sonos aux in. Done.
After purchasing Sonos players both for myself and family members during the last year, I am now stopping our planned Sonos-extensions. Given Sonos-CEO John MacFarlane's clear statement that Spotify Connect will not be supported by Sonos, we can not invest further in Sonos equipment. Spotify is the most important part of our music experience, and Spotify app features such as Spotify radio and search across titles, artists and albums are both useful and well implemented. Given the availability of Spotify Connect, I'm afraid support for this is essential for our future purchases.
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After purchasing Sonos players both for myself and family members during the last year, I am now stopping our planned Sonos-extensions. Given Sonos-CEO John MacFarlane's clear statement that Spotify Connect will not be supported by Sonos, we can not invest further in Sonos equipment. Spotify is the most important part of our music experience, and Spotify app features such as Spotify radio and search across titles, artists and albums are both useful and well implemented. Given the availability of Spotify Connect, I'm afraid support for this is essential for our future purchases.
I am confused. In China the QQ Audio Service App (Chinese Spotify Competitor) offers "Play on Sonos" as option. This is SpotifyConnect-like. Now the guy said he DOES NOT want to join SpotifyConnect, however given the chinese example he offers a "play on Sonos" Button (as other sources say as part of an open API) that apps can integrate. So Spotify offered the "Beam on Sonos" (aka SpotifyConnect) which is controlled by the Streaming Service Providers and Sonos says no. Now Sonos comes up with a "Play on Sonos" Button to offer the Streaming Service Providers for the same fuc*ing functionality. Srsly, this is insane. Just childish and stupid. Of course Spotify will say NO, as they would allow an inhouse competitor to their own Standard SpotifyConnect. Simply Bose, Yamaha, Pioneer, Teufel etc. could have come up with their own Play on XYZ APIs but there is a defined standard from Spotify. So for what reason should spotify now allow Sonos to have that button inside their app? There is none. I mean just re-apply this to another world: Mobile Networks. T-Mobile offers Nokia the chance to be early adopter for the LTE Standard. Nokia denies but Apple, Samsung, HTC and the rest of the crowd joins in. Nokia feels like their are missing a competitive advantage and comes with their own standard. Let's call it HSN. With lots of money you will find a provider in a country that is willing to invest and test and showcase that. However, majority of users will never have that expierence and the standard is none. More examples? Apple Maps, tomtom, MiniDisc, Quicktime, Flash Player, HD-DVD. You are all right to sell your sonos equipment as long as you still get some bucks for it and the big crowd doesn't realize the difference. In a year from today you will have outdated dinosaurs at home with a non-accepted standard that some minor streaming services like will support. It's like the UMTS standard is on knocking on the door and we know that all we can do with our phones is core functionality of talking while everyone will ask for the full package with high speed internet. Sonos is right to say that we can use it, but the expierence will just not be giving us the Geek Factor and advantage to have a TOP device. Its just somehow working with basic features. Fail of the century, guys. Be happy you are not on Nasdaq, you would be a penny stock in less than week.
I am considering buying Sonos, but have experienced the Spotify integration at a friends (which consisted of a poor user interface and intermittent but frequent timeouts when playing a playlist etc). However, if I go to Spotify's connect info page ( it gives a link to Spotify Gear that says "These devices come with Spotify Connect built right in":

This goes to and has Sonos in the list. So I conclude that Sonos must have Spotify Connect and I just haven't worked out how to enable it / isn't on all products or software versions???

Be great to have some clarity on this from Spotify / Sonos.

If they don't have it - does anyone have experience of other multi speaker/platform music systems that do (ideally with a UI/controller that has better UX).
Yes, there is:
Because it has no future? Spotify can cast to Chromecast Audio. Get one, plug into Sonos aux in. Done.

This could be an option, but the problem is that the Sonos CONNECT doesn't have a digital input. I don't want to use the internal Chromecast Audio DAC.
Hi folks, There's not much to say at the moment but we'd like everyone to understand where we're coming regarding the announcement from Spotify. Sonos is a platform for music lovers and we want Sonos customers to enjoy all the music on earth from whatever source they choose. We have an excellent partnership with Spotify which is, and will continue to be, an important part of many of our customers music listening experience on Sonos. Thanks for your continued support.
I agree with Ryan here. I think this feature would be really essential. I see a high risk of scaring customers off by not implementing Spotify Connect into Sonos. I speak for myself right now, but I'm asking myself why I should spend so much money for a product that doesn't keep up with the technological advance?! For me it's really simple... Sonos is not implementing this feature, I'll look elsewhere for hardware that already does support it. Because it seems like the easiest way to listen to music in multiple rooms. And as a matter of fact, that's the only reason I bought a Play 5 and a Play 3. I've just had enough of experimenting with Raspberry Pi and getting disappointing results. Your product is really good. Why not make it excellent by implementing Spotify Connect?!