support for Android ver 6.0.1

  • 8 December 2019
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My wife and I have Samsung Galaxy S5 phones running Android v 6.0.1 OS

After the recent Sonos software update, we can no longer change many of our Sonos systems settings.

We were able to access these systems settings from ours S5 phones before.  Our carrier, Verizon, does not offer a later OS for our phones and we don’t want to buy new phones at this time.
This is particularly disappointing since I just purchase two more Sonos5 speaker’s and could not set them up from my S5 Phone.

Please tell me why the basic setup functions should not be backward compatible with earlier Android OS’s

How long will it be until I can no longer control my Sonos devices from my S5 running Android v 6.0.1?

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1 reply

Because Google no longer supports that version of the Android OS, so any “fixes” that would be made to the Sonos app, the programmers would have no access to any documentation to refer to. It is unfortunately common in many types of apps that once the company who makes the OS drops support, the app makers have little choice but to do so as well.