Suggestions for the next SONOS software release

- Add 'Favourites/Recently Played' tab to search.
- Volume fade out on sleep timer.

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Welcome to the community, MNUK and thanks for the suggestions. We will pass these along for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions or remarks.
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Settings option to disable 'one touch', and have the controller work in the traditional manner.
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there is a wishlist sticky thread in the controller forum. I would think that would be better area to express wishlist items as this thread will eventually get buried down.
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I would like an option to configure the fade out time on the sleep timer.

Thank you.
- Play:1 and Play One stereo mode
- Polish language
- AirPlay 2 Support
- New icon on macOS
- Light Mode on macOS/Windows
- Apple TV/Watch support
- HomeKit support


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