Suggestion: Room Volume Adjustment Relative to Other Rooms

  • 4 November 2014
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I have Sonos Play:5's in my living room, foyer, kitchen, master bathroom, master bedroom, exercise room, and upstairs. I have a Connect:amp that feeds the speakers on my patio. In my office, I have 2 Play:3's and a sub.

I wish Sonos would allow a way to set base volumes on certain rooms. For instance, if I put the Play:5's at the same volume, everything sounds the same. However, if I use the master volume to adjust all speakers (including my office) when playing as a group, the office speakers are always overpowering because of the sub.

I've adjusted the sub, but I would like to adjust everything because even the Play:3's seem loud in my office (because of the smaller room).

Sonos should allow users to set volume controls (like -3 for my office) so one volume can be set in group/party mode and all speakers sound about the same as far as volume goes.

I'm about to install a Playbar and some Play:1's and I can only imagine the Playbar and Sub will be louder than the others.

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4 replies

Sonos does attempt to do this, after a fashion.

When you adjust group volume, Sonos changes the individual room volumes whilst maintaining a relationship between them. If one room is set below the others, it should stay that way.

That said, if you ask for 100% then Sonos will put them all at 100%, though it does scale the increments based on each Player's original volume setting.
The problem is my wife usually puts them all to zero to even them out, then adjusts the volume to desired level. That always makes my office louder than it should.
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I would like to see this functionality too for the same reason. A mix of Play:1s and Connects and Amps with different speakers. I have to manually adjust them every time and wish I could set the base volume higher/lower in some "rooms" to compensate so they're all normalized.
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Every time I update Sonos, I hope that this capability has been added and I'm always saddened. This is my #1 request to really make the most of our whole-house Sonos investment. The in-ceiling speakers are just too low compared to the Play:1s (or vice versa). I really want to calibrate them so they're all at the same "base" level.