Suggestion for Room Settings

  • 19 November 2016
  • 4 replies

I am using Sonos since quite some time and I am usually satisfied with the capabilities. What I always find annoying is that when you turn the speaker off that obviously the last station or service is gone. This means that you need to use a iDevice to set a station or music service instead of only pressing the play button on the speaker. If a service or station would be pre-set to start when you press play would make a much better customer experience. Maybe something to look into...?

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4 replies

Speaker off I mean when you turn them completely off - so no electricity on the speaker so they take some time to boot up 🙂
Sonos units are designed to be left powered, like other network components. They go into a reduced power consumption state when they're idle.

Frequently powering a Sonos unit on and off is likely to reduce its lifespan.
Ok thanks but the feature would still be nice to have - rooms to have a standard setting in terms of volume station or favorite
An alarm can be used to play a source, at a set volume.

If you configure the alarm for a bit earlier than you'd need it, at zero volume and for 15 minutes, then when you later come to push the speaker's play/pause button the source will resume and the volume will ramp to a set level.