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  • 30 September 2021
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Before I added the sub the bass on beam with SL rears was pretty good, since adding the sub aware that the low frequencies go to the sub but when you switch off the sub in the app would expect this to return as prior without but all it does is switch off the sub. 

Is this normal or there an issue?


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3 replies

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Did you Trueplay your set up? The system only remembers the current setting. Switching off the Sub (why???) does not change any settings and does not make the system revert to “old” settings.

Just curious: would you ask the same of a non-Sonos system?

Get it that when tuned using true play but it would be helpful that you could have the facility to create saved profiles, one with the sub and one without. 
so when you don’t want to use the sub can revert back to another profile. 
Aware we have the function to reduce low sounds at night also. 

Agreed it would be helpful. Unknown as to whether it is even possible, given memory restrictions in each speaker, or on the roadmap for the development team. The most you’d get from the forum moderators is along the lines of ‘thanks for the feedback, we’ll pass it along to the team for consideration’.