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  • 29 October 2016
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I returned to my TV, after having it on mute for some time but playing nonetheless, and the sound would not return. I played with our cable remote and no sound. I then checked the Sonos app and had the following message, "It looks like one of your speakers could be unplugged. Go to Room Settings to see which one is missing." I navigated through the app to the point where it implied that the sub was the issue. I checked the connections and everything was fine. I submitted a diagnostic report and I figured I would get an email confirmation that the request was received so I did not write the number down (so far nothin). I tried turning off and restarting the sub and router. I then went through the app in room settings to remove the sub thinking I would be given the ability to re-establish it (and this might resolve the sound issue) but now when I go to room settings and I have the following message, "No settings are available." The app has no other details about my system. I may have made matters worse but I have looked through the community for help but not sure I have seen a solution my particular issue.

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4 replies

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what other Sonos components are you using besides the sub? you could try resetting all your components to cure a possible ip conflict and then check for any available updates to start with
Thank you for your reply-
I have the playbar and 1 router in addition to the sub. This morning I realized I was not getting sound out of the ceiling speakers as well so it doesn't appear to be just a sub issue. I will try resetting all components to see what happens. Thanks again.
In this context 'reset' does NOT mean a factory reset. Simply power all your network devices off and on again.

BTW if you submitted a diagnostic it will have gone into the database, and without the confirmation number no-one from Sonos Support will be able to fish it out. Submit another diagnostic and post the number.
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Hi Chiefjoe23. T00LF00L's got the right idea with a reboot of your existing Sonos components. If this fails to bring your system back up, please submit another diagnostic and let us know the confirmation code you receive so we can take a look and see what's going on.