Spotify: Unable to Browse Music

Cannot connect to Spotify with IOS App or with Android. Have restarted and reconnected router, controllers and speakers. Have removed the Spotify Service, but when I try to add my Spotify Account again I get the message "Account not found" "there was a problem adding your account".

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Same here! Not great on Christmas day!
I'm getting the same. After a few retries I was able to add my Spotify account again, but I just get 'unable to browse music' when I try to open the Spotify service on Sonos.
Same here. Merry Christmas!
Likewise - what I was able to browse 2 hours ago on the Spotify service is no longer accessible ( I get the message "Unable to browse music").  I've submitted diagnostics - #4240660.
Yeah, was working OK for me early on. Oh well, I guess all those new Sonos systems getting turned on this morning have broken it. Merry Xmas.
Same here, unimpressive timing...
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Same problem here! "unable to browse music " 😞
Worked fine now spent over hour trying to get working still same - unable to browse music - this is a day you want to enjoy what you bought and paid for
Yup. I was able to browse some playlists, but when I restarted my computer the whole thing is unable to browse music. What a nasty Christmas surprise. NOT HAPPY.
Same here, unimpressive timing... #4240779
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same here!
Same here. Worked fine with spotify at 8 this morning but can only play music that is on my phone now...
same problem, went off around 10.30am GMT
Same here, lost connection from Sonos to Spotify at about 10:30 am. "Unable to browse music". Working fine with Google Play Music.
Same problem went down last night,great timing !
Me too, looks like a Sonos specific issue as Spotify working on my iPad, phone and computer.
Tweeted @sonossupport earlier and - unsurprisingly - no reply yet. No problem with using Deezer but Spotify is screwed...again. Added another Sonos 1 last week to our already extensive Sonos set up and I'm now questioning why I bothered... becoming expensive ornaments.
same issue here - really annoying, spotify works fine, just not as part of Sonos. Reputation blast for Sonos... are they losing i?
Could be a load related issue. Imagine it's a bit busier than normal.... Inconvenient but not the end of the world, dig out the vinyl! ☺️
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Im getting a bit fed up of Sonos these days, never seems to work when you want it to.  Can't connect to Spotify today, BBC radio shows via TuneIn never work.   Too many apps spoiling what could be a good product.  Get it sorted cos all those who have bought them for Christmas will be seriously fed up and others such as Bose are catching up quicky
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Same Issue here - really P***ed off.
I got the same problem was working fine yesterday but packed up today!!
Trying not to sulk in front of the family but very unhappy!
Me too, built a great Christmas Playlist that is now unplayable.... What is going on!! Biggest day at home of the year and the ongoing Sonos/Spotify Outage strikes again!!!
Same for me - Christmas Day and no music! Am reconsidering expanding my sonos system - just about to buy another Play1, but not if it won't let me play anything.


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