Sorting your library

  • 20 June 2019
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Hi, could you please update your app/controller and whatever is neccessary to allowing SORTING?
Is it that hard to do? The requests for this are scattered all over the Internet, sorting of whatever there is to sort, be it playlist, radio, library, and what not!

I am adding new music to my library using Genre, when selecting the GENRE, I have to deal with sorting of A through Z. It is completely USELESS to not be able to sort by THE DATE A FRICKIN' ADDED THE FILES TO MY LIBRARY! or even just DATE. I can play what got ripped 10 years ago and started with an A and is ON TOP!

With this useless solution as the app controller seems to be I might as well ditch SONOS and just hook up the Intel NUC to some BOSE speakers and deal with a free application than can actually manage SORTING and has been doing so for countless years!


2 replies
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You have answered your own question, by linking to the explanation of why this is won't ever happen.