• 19 May 2019
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I have a Boost installed, it created a network which I was able to see it and connect to it through my mobile devices. I am no longer able to see the boost network although the Boost is properly connected. Also, there an option in the app to activate this network I also no longer see the option.

5 replies

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The Boost can be removed if you wire another Sonos component to Ethernet, might have slightly poorer networking though so I don't recommend it.
OK, thank you for the assistance.
The wired Boost is still doing its original job, in setting up the dedicated SonosNet wireless mesh for the players to connect to and stream audio. You don't want to remove it.

The only thing that changed with the last release was the ability of Android mobiles to connect directly to Sonos devices as if they were WiFi access points.
Thank you for the response, is the Boost serving any purpose or should it just be removed from the network.
See here: