Sonos: why don't you post older versions?

  • 11 November 2016
  • 2 replies

Like SonosDesktopController6.3.2.exe - I had to go out and find it "on the streets". 6.4 is awful, btw - playing music is harder now. Did beta users really like it?

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2 replies

Did beta users really like it?

Who knows? Some certainly said they didn't. Personally, I hate the change, but I think trying to use older versions of software condemns you to lose more than you gain. Your choice, but I can understand why Sonos don't feel inclined to encourage it.
They don't post older versions because it would be a confusing, costly, unsupportable mess to do so. Every tech support call would be lengthened, they would need multiple support scripts, etc. After sale support is a huge cost to any business, it would make zero business sense to add complexity to it.