Sonos Speakers disappearing from IOS app after last system update

  • 30 November 2021
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I have 3 Sonos speakers: a Play:5 a Play:1 and a playbase. Last week I noticed there was an update available for my system, which I installed. After the update I have problems with the IOS controller. The play:5 and playbase are disappearing from the controller all the time and only the Play:1 is visible. This only happens on my iphone with the ios app. On android all speakers are visible all the time. Sometimes it helps to have the app scan for new devices, sometimes the speakers just reappear again after some time. It's pretty annoying as my iphone is my standard device.

I've reset the app, deleted it and installed it again, restarted all speakers by unplugging them, shut down my router, reste the wifi etc but the problem still exists unfortunately. As it only happens on IOS it seems more like a problem with the ios controller than anything else…..

3 replies

Hi @influenza,


Thanks for reaching out. 

The fact that other controllers are able to communicate with the system where one is not, points at the iOS controller being the issue. Here are a few things you can check on the iOS device:

  • Make sure that the iOS device isn’t jumping onto a different WiFi network, such as a guest network, or falling back to a 4G/LTE connection.
  • Ensure that there is no VPN connected at the time you’re experiencing the issue
  • Check for any “security” software that may be installed and is blocking local network connections

If you’ve checked all of this and nothing makes any difference, submit two diagnostics; one from the affected iOS device and one from a working Android controller. Record both of those numbers and reply with them here, denoting which diagnostic is from which device.

I think there might also be the possibility of a ‘split’ subnet, if the user happens to be using a mesh network of some type. Unfortunately hard to determine how much of a possibility this might be, since the OP didn’t provide details. 

I think that’s the problem. It’s a mesh network and it seems ios dowsn’t handle it correctly. When it connect to the mesh point that the sonos speakers are connected to it works fine if it connects to the other point it doesn’t see the sonos speakers. Android handles it without any problems though.