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  • 17 February 2016
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Hi, if you set the sonos sleep timer does your mobile have to be present for the sonos to go to sleep. Reason for asking this question say if I set the timer to turn off and I go to work, will it turn off if my mobile which has the controller isn't present?

9 replies

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I believe, though I stand to be corrected, that once set the controller sends the command to the Sonos Play unit and then the controller does not need to be present/you can turn the computer off or take your phone to work.

FWIW. What I do is set an alarm in the kitchen for a few minutes before I get down in the morning playing my favourite radio station and set it for 45 minutes so if I forget to turn it off it will go off on it's own accord
Thanks for replying so quick,

Basically I want to be able to wake up, put a radio station on and set the sleep timer to turn off, but as I take my mobile with me just want to make sure it's not the controller in my mobile that tells the speaker to turn off.
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The controller never needs to be present, that is the beauty of Sonos. Every day i do exactly that, I set the sleep timer before i leave for work. Sonos will stop playing by itself once set.
That's both for helping

Would that not be a good idea, that you would be able to set a daily setting so it turns on and then turns off after a certain time?
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Yes you could also use the alarm function to do it, which would also allow you to set each specific day you want it to turn on. And again, once the alarm is set the controller will not need to be present for it to function correctly.
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All good advice here. Once a command is sent, you can take the phone (controller) away, switch it off, etc., nothing will change in terms of what you have done to the system.
Thanks for confirming Ed, as per everyone's help I'm now enjoying Sonos sending me to sleep!!! 🙂
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Anytime! It's a feature I often use as well, even have a specific playlist to fall asleep to. Let us know if you need anything else!