Sonos S2 Windows app not Launching

  • 30 June 2020
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Hi. I am having trouble getting S2 windows app to work. When I select the installed app icon a orange Sonos logo appears in the middle of the screen ± 500x500 pixels. Then disappears without the controller loading. 
I have tried:

Uninstalling, removing from recycle bin, deleting the downloaded file. Re-downloaded and installed, with restarting the PC inbetween.

Made sure the windows firewall allowed all the Sonos apps and options (private and public)

Switched off my anti virus totally. Uninstalled and reinstalled while off.


None of the above seemed to work.


Please help guys, this is really frustrating. Am also struggling with support as I am from South Africa and we don't have any proprietary support here. The time difference makes it difficult to contact the US support team.

5 replies

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Hi @KRossouw.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thank you for reaching out to us about your concerns.

I would like to recommend some basic troubleshooting steps to help fix the issue.

  1. We may want to un-install the Sonos S2 app.
  2. I would also recommend checking for updates on your Windows operating system.
  3. after the Sonos S2 app have been un-installed. It is not a bad idea to consider restarting your computer.
  4. Next, We may want to download the Sonos S2 app using the Sonos’ website.
  5. Another thing we may want to consider after downloading and installing the Sonos s2 App is windows 10 firewall and here is the guide on what to do.
  6. Third party Anti Virus is also another situation we can possibly address. Here is the guide on how to deal with third party Anti Virus to work with Sonos.


Please let me know how everything goes. We’re always here to help.



Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have tried all above, but to no avail.

I have narrowed down the error code. Please see below. I have not been able to fix this as I could still not replace or reinstall the .dll file.


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Hi @KRossouw.

Thanks for the immediate and detailed response. 

I would highly recommend calling our Technical Support Team for a more in-depth troubleshooting steps and for any possible screen sharing session if necessary. This is for them to help you out on checking your computer and help troubleshoot the issue.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you still have further questions or concerns.


Hi Paul. I am having difficulty contacting your technical support as I am in South Africa. Tried phoning now, lead time is 20mins. It will cost a fortune. Is there any way someone can contact me to set up a “dialing in” session?

My PC updated to the latest version of Windows 10 tonight, I was hoping this might fix my issue. But alas. 

Please, I am desperate, will really appreciate your help!


BTW, I uninstalled the app, deleted the downloaded file, re-downloaded it and tried to install it once more. But nothing changed!



Kirsten Rossouw

Sonos S2 app starts to hang during startup after the first reboot since installation of the app. This behaviour has begun after the recent Microsoft Windows 10 update to version 2004. I have uninstalled S2 several times. Directly after a clean install, S2 correctly launches and functions without issue. During that Windows logon session, one can stop and start S2 without issue.

However, as soon as one has restarted the OS after the installation of S2, the app fails properly to launch and hangs with the app’s startup banner visible on screen. No further progress. The sonos.exe is present in Task Manager/Details tab.

The firewall is correctly configured. I have added sonoss2 folder to Windows Defender Antivirus Exclusions list. All to no avail.

Snippet of Sonos settings in Windows Firewall


Snippet of Sonos exclusion in Windows Defender Antivirus

Since I reside in South Africa, a phone call to Tech Support in the USA is out of the question.