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  • 25 September 2020
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Just absolutely useless despite a million updates which never improve anything.. One second everything find. Next.. Unable to find your sonos system.. 50% of time.. Quit the app 5 times and relaunch and its fixed.. 50% of the time have to reset the app.. Close it. Connect to existing system and Voila.. Wow now you can see it.. Is this the Apple way of forcing you to upgrade products by just giving up support for older items? Ever since the split between s1 and s2 this has been a terrible experience for me

7 replies

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Hi @withnail69.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community.

Sorry for the trouble it causes you, I know you're dissatisfied with what's going on to your Sonos application.

Can you submit a diagnostic report from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?

If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

Only possible if everying tbing is showing up, otherwise  all options are greyed out. Fire the designer unless the developers are doing their own thing.

All this time in lockdown would be more enjoyable if the app worked. Seams that most are taking advantage  of this time for some inward focus and clean up. I am ready to sell my 4 Ones, Sub, Beam and amp look for something more stable. Too difficult to reset, power down ceiling mounted speakers. So we go without most of the time. This should NOT be the fix for a broken app.

Oh, diagnostic.   


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Not that it will be of very much help to you, but if the app does not reach the system, it's not the app that's broken. The app is just a remote for the system. So if the app does not show the system there's something wrong with your connection.

I have had this Sonos setup with my alexa echos and firecubes for about a year prior to the new app. I have 8 rooms setup this way. The 3 rooms with the Sonos groups are setup as the preferred playback device. Only problem I have ever had until now is they would become noticeably out sync after an hour of play. In case I would just as Alexa to pause the music everywhere for 5 seconds, then continued play would be perfect again.


This morning all the Sonos devices have shown up in the app. All are working like expected and sound great if played through the Sonus app but… will not play from Alexa. It will show on the TV screen of the main firecube the 5.1 is connected to, but never actually begins to play. I agree that this particular issue is not a problem with the app itself, but I would not rule out an API issue between Sonos and Alexa. As for the Sonos app I do suspect a possible router misconfiguration as I have recently replaced my Orbi with a Unifi UDM pro. So I will be starting there first.

If anyone has a Sonos, Alexa and a Dream Machine pro story that may provide some help, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. I really do not want to part from my Sonos if I can get the system like it once was.

@Jimaniak . Do you have a Sonos device wired to your network or is your system fully WiFi?

Hi John. I do have one device wired in each group.