Sonos Remote Access: Set Alarms when away.

  • 2 November 2017
  • 2 replies

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I love my sonos system. It's amazing.

One thing that would really make my day would be a way to set the alarms remotely.
I find myself often scheduling a meeting while in the office, and needing to set my morning alarm accordingly.
However, as we all know the sonos app can only be used when at home. This is an issue for the alarms since if I don't set it right away, I often forget about it.

Could we bring some kind of server/cloud access to the account?
Even if it's very limited, I think we would all appreciate this addition

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2 replies

I have a similar issue--I have a 6:15 am daily alarm that plays NPR for 2 hrs. We are out of town, and forgot to turn it off, but we have guests coming to stay at our home while we are gone. Other than having them download the SONOS app controller and logging into our account to control it, I would rather be able to turn it off it from my phone while away. Meanwhile, we have warned our guests to be ready for daily 2 hrs of NPR in the mornings!! ha! We would also like to be able to enable them to control the TV volume (that uses our SONOS Playbar).
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Would a computer running the deaktop app, accessible via vpn work?