Sonos no longer support IOS streaming

  • 13 June 2019
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83 replies

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One other thing
If you are using phones and pads as your Controller
Don't you think you should get better support from the company's that make them ?
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You can purchase a Mirroring dongle and plug that into your TV's HDMI slot then run your tunes pictures and videos wirelessly by bluetooth .
Then you don't have to subscribe to anything .
Wonder how long it will be before I can't play my TV through my sonos rig ?

Or when these posts will stop appearing here .
Could not log in here for a while today for some reason .

Also received an offer for 15% off on sonos gear 😆
At one time we were going to buy 2 more speakers to go with the playbar and sub we have
not now .

So Apple makes changes and Sonos decides it can’t be bothered updating software . I use my phone to play my music and no I don’t want to join a streaming service or stream from my Mac. Oh or I could buy a new Sonos speaker that supports AirPlay. Ah ha there’s the logic behind this .
Steward123 is entirely correct. The Sonos announcement says "The way this feature was originally architected has become unreliable with newer versions of iOS."

Let me translate. What they are saying is that when they (Sonos) developed the original architecture (design) for this feature, they got it wrong and as a result they are having trouble adapting it for later versions of iOS. This is not an Apple problem as some have stated, it is a Sonos problem.

Rather than invest the time and effort to revise the design of this portion of their app to fix it, Sonos is simply dropping it and in the process abandoning those iPhone users who we early adopters of their excellent product and hence do not have support for the AirPlay feature in their speakers and amps.

I, like Stewart, use my phone as my primary source of music for portability reasons - home, office, car. I, also like Stewart, don't want to subscribe to a streaming service which will replace my song versions with theirs, and reject songs that I have recorded from vinyl records because they don't have an acceptable digital rights signature.

Sonos, do the right thing here and invest the time and effort necessary to fix this issue rather than taking the quick and easy path of dropping a feature that some find very valuable! We have supported you through our purchase of your products. It is time for you to do the right thing and support us.
Hugely disappointing. If I had known this I would not have bought Sonos. I certainly recommend to people to avoid Sonos. I am in the midst of creating Google Music Play playlists with my thousands of songs and now have to keep that in sync with iTunes. The thrill of learning curve and perpetual hassles await.
Hugely disappointing. If I had known this I would not have bought Sonos. I certainly recommend to people to avoid Sonos. I am in the midst of creating Google Music Play playlists with my thousands of songs and now have to keep that in sync with iTunes. The thrill of learning curve and perpetual hassles await.

Google Play Music should import your iTunes playlists automatically.
If so, I have not been able to figure out how.
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Not sure if it works as advertised, but here’s a howto:
Thank you
I use my phone as well, but there is nothing on my phone that isn’t in my library as well, which Sonos still has access to.

correct me if I’m wrong but if it’s a file physically on your phone, it physically resides in your iTunes library, which Sonos can still access.

Given that fact, what has anyone truly lost here? I agree, my Springsteen live recordings are essential to me, and are only on my iPhone and in my Library, but I’ve always had Sonos access those files from my library, not the phone itself. I don’t see how that isn’t an option for everyone in the iOS ecosphere.
You’re not wrong, assuming that they sync their music to their desktop machine. Not everyone does, but I, like you, do.
As I am listening to my garden speakers (controlled by Sonos) it would be very inconvenient to go inside and up a flight of stairs to start or change the playlist. We listen to music at dinner. Do we have to go to the computer room to change the playlist? Not having ever used Sonos from my desktop I am not sure if it keeps playing when the energy saver comes on and puts the computer to sleep or does that have to be changed.
The iOS controller will still work in the same manner as always. The only change will be that you can’t play music stored on it. If your music is anywhere else, i.e. on a desktop’s hard drive, an NAS, or streamed, the iOS controller will work exactly as it always has.
I didn't know that
I am pretty sure that the energy saver puts the Mac into sleep mode and the drive is not longer accessible.
And there are settings on each kind of computer ( you didn’t specify which kind) that allow you to tell the hard drive not to sleep.
Nut you want the hard drive to sleep. That is the purpose of energy saving.
So, set up an SSD driven NAS. Or use a thumb drive, if your router allows such a thing. Or set up a free Google Play Music account. This is all covered in the main thread here:
Not likely to buy an SSD just because Sonos took a function away. Not sure what I would do with a thumb drive. Don't believe I can fit 5,000 songs on it. I am moving to Google Play Music and it is a major hassle to get the songs over to it and get the play lists set up properly and keep synchronized with iTunes. Don't want to use this forum to discuss the limitations of Google Play Music, but that is what I will make work.
Most routers have a USB slot that allows you to use a USB drive as an NAS. If your tracks are MP3, average size per track is about 3.5 MB and 5000 would be 17 GB, well within the range of a cheap thumb drive.
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Back to vinyl I reckon!
I have 4 x Play:1s used across two rooms. If i buy 1 x Play One will this solve the streaming issue?

I can live with replacing one speaker but not all four.

Thanks for any feedback!
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The least expensive Sonos speaker is called One. This speaker is Airplay capable.

An other option would be buying the Ikea "by Sonos" Symfonisk Bookshelf speaker. This speaker would also introduce Airplay into you Sonos system but is cheaper.
So, just to be sure, adding just 1 x Airplay compatible speaker to my set-up would allow me to continue streaming music stored on my iPhone?
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Yes. You would Airplay your music to the new player and group the new player with your existing Sonos players.
Thanks so much for clarifying this point!