Sonos iOS app - fading and blinking on opening app

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This behaviour started a month or so ago.  Its pretty annoying 

Diagnostic sent > 396349532

This usually happens if the app is opened after being closed for many hours, after being closed the night before, or when its open and no streaming has occured for many hours. 

1 tap to open Sonos App on my iPhone 7plus (latest upgrade for both)

2 app opens to My Sonos but the main screen is grayed out and each item that is greyed out is flashing. 

My Sonos is set with Recently Played then Stations (there are others but those are the only two visible when opening the app). 

3 if i click on <rooms> or <browse> then back to <My Sonos> then the flashing is stopped and the items show instead of being greyed out. 

4 as long as I keep it open for that priod of use it will be fine 

5 sometimes if its been open for hours and not used (nothing streaming). then when tap or switch to it, the same behaviour happens. 

and yes i have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.  no change 




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Hello @southern gal,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your question. 

When the Sonos app is grayed out the way that you describe, it indicates that the Sonos app has lost connecting with your system through the WiFi network.

I have noticed this recently on my own system where the lockscreen information is accurate and in sync, the app when opened is likewise accurate and then the controller blinks out when you go to actually do anything. 

I have noticed it the least when I have WiFi assist disabled and background refresh enabled for Sonos but I have yet to be able to pin down the exact cause of this as yet. 

If you would like to submit a diagnostic report I would be able to rule out any other known connection factors in your system, just be sure to post the confirmation number in your response. 

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Thanks. Longtime member. Diagnostic info is at beginning of OP



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Hello @southern gal, and so it is.

Do you have any other WiFi networks being broadcast in your home apart from your Google WiFi network?

Can you reboot your Google WiFi router (you can do this through the app) and then reboot all of your Sonos products by unplugging them from power for 10-15 seconds each?

Once you have restarted your system, reboot your phone and see if this improves your connectivity with your Sonos system.