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What 3rd party hardware and software (apps) work with Sonos? I'm trying to interconnect Sonos into my existing smart home solution in order to take Sonos to a whole new level.
For example, does Sonos integrate with WeMo, IFTTT, Philips Hue, etc.?

Where can I find the list of supported products and apps?

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Insteon has added some limited Sonos support to their Smart Hub (not the one with Apple HomeKit support). I believe there is also Sonos support in some SmartThings elements. Sonos also works with the Logitech Harmony Hub system (needs to be a WiFi-enabled hub).

But that's all that I am aware of. Sonos typically leaves such support up to those device manufacturers, though I would imagine they will provide assistance to them if asked. Considering Sonos uses standard Universal Plug and Play network communication for the media controls, it shouldn't be too hard for others to integrate with Sonos.

Reference links:

I have never seen a complete list of 3rd party platforms that directly work with SONOS. As MikeV states, SONOS is an open platform and anyone with the skills can integrate with SONOS. I'll add Control4, RTI, and Universal Remote Control to MikeV's list and there is a growing list of other platforms that I can't recall off the top of my head.

For iPad/iPhone there is a very simple way of calling the SONOS controller from another application. This would require only a few minutes of effort by the 3rd party developer. At the user level, a simple four finger swipe returns to the 3rd party application. The advantage of this scheme is that the user does not need to wait for the 3rd party developer to react to a change made by SONOS. Any update to the SONOS controller is immediately available.


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