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Is there anyway SONOS could look at introducing EQ settings into the app/software? Since purchasing the Sub Iv'e found that TV/Movies need a slightly higher EQ setting than say music. This results in me having to go into the Advanced Audio settings and adjust the Sub output between sources (which is not straight forward). What would be really good is a way of selecting these EQ settings on the fly, so I can choose custom (or pre set) changing the levels when I change sources.

Not a big ask but surprised pre-sets are not included as standard. This ability for a customer would be an extra but surely appreciated by the community!!

Apologies if this has been raised before but a quick search brought nothing back...

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Hi there, jimmgc51. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I am happy to forward this feature request along to the team. Thank you again for the feedback. Much appreciated.
Thanks Keith N, hopefully the team see this as a valid useable feature 🙂


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