SONOS drops songs

  • 29 September 2018
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Hi, my Sonos system keeps stopping songs while they are still playing and then not starting the next song until I go into the app, then the song will start part way through before stopping early. I have changed the wifi channel several times and this does not seem to work, I have placed the device I am playing from next to the wifi router and it still happens. At the moment it is an expensive radio and am thinking of going back to bluetooth speakers

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14 replies


I have a few things to ask you here before perhaps suggesting a remedy ...

How many Sonos devices in your household?
Make/model of your router and what current channels are in use?
Are you using any WiFi extenders, repeaters, powerline adapters or any 'managed' switches on your network?
Are you running your devices on SonosNet, by having one sonos device cabled to your network?
Other devices using your home network? Any streaming video services (Netflix) etc.
Type of Sonos controller make/model.
Hi thanks for your response.

Three Sonos devices, but usually only two in use. The router is BT Homehub, no extensions or repeaters or managed switches. I am using channel 6 on my router, I cannot move just the Sonos devices to one channel, all devices have to use the same channel on 2.4GHz.

Not running on Sonos Net, all streaming services are routed on the 5GHz wireless.

Sonos controller is iphone 6+ and ipad mini.

I have fixed the IP address of both Sonos speakers and that seems to have improved the issue, but not addressed it completely.

Thanks for your help
Okay let’s start with this if you have a PC or laptop to hand...

The below link is to a free WiFi scanner which you can read about here...

Download the zip file from the link here to your laptop.

Extract just the executable from the zip and run it and it will scan your locality and it will tell you the WiFi channels that are in use by the neighbouring properties... I would do this just to make sure the neighbours are not using Channel 6. If they are, then change your router channel, but try to keep the channel well away from your neighbours channels, at least 5 channels apart, if possible.

Meanwhile, I will go and try to find out if there are any known issues with your brand of router and Sonos products.
Thanks Ken

No conflict from neighbour's wifi, interestingly since I fixed the IP addresses of the speakers there has been considerable improvement, managed an entire album without early exit from the songs.

Would be interested if there is any issue with BT Homehub and Sonos

Spoke too soon, issue has returned despite all the changes.
Diagnostic 1271983843
Are you playing music stored on the iPhone or iPad? Do you get any issues if you stream from the tunein radio service ... try a BBC Radio channel?

Which version of BT Hub is it that you are using?
There is an old issue but it’s with BT Hub v3 as mentioned here in this link:

Sonos and Incompatible Hardware
This page is worth noting too in relation to the WiFi Assist feature on your iPhone...

Wi-Fi Assist and Sonos
Hi Ken

We have Home Hub4,

Using music stored on the iTunes library on the iPhone, radio on Tunein works perfectlty and as a result we use the Sonos system for radio 90% of the time.

Interesting about WIFI assist, the app is up to date, but might turn off the wifi assist

I have seen some issues recently here in the community where some users appear to be having issues streaming from their local libraries on their Apple mobile devices. Some have reported intermittent playback issues particularly as their iPhone goes to the lock-screen or goes into standby... I’m thinking there is a minor bug perhaps in the new iOS 12... obviously that’s just a guess at the moment.

Do you have any other streaming services you could try?

I have seen some users upload their music to the free 'google play' service (Max 50,000 tracks) and install that music service in the Sonos App and stream their music from there instead of using their local devices and that has solved the problem, for some at least.

It may also be worth asking the Sonos Support Staff via twitter (24/7 support) to take a look at your diagnostic and refer them back here to this thread. See below link... they will hopefully look at the matter at the earliest opportunity and over the weekend period.

Contact Sonos Support via Twitter.
By the way I cannot find any known problems with BT Hub4 ... so this does look like it maybe connected to a problem streaming direct from the iOS device, but let’s see what the Support Staff have to say from your diagnostic.

Can you very kindly let me know the outcome of this one too please.. just for future reference ... thanks ?
Thanks Ken for your help, much appreciated. I have sent them a tweet, see what the outcome is and will let you know
Hi Ken, I said I would let you know how this has progressed. So far I have, with your help and Sonos, split my router to 2.4 and 5GHz, hard wired one of the speakers into the router, moved the speaker away from the router, turned off all airplay devices in the house, disabled bluetooth on all devices, fixed the speaker IP addresses, changed channels on the router, changed channels on the Sonos app, reset router, reset device, plugged device into power to play, deleted and uploaded app. Still an issue......... I suspect, looking at the forum, this is an issue Sonos need to solve quickly