Sonos desktop slow on Catalina

  • 12 October 2019
  • 3 replies

My Sonos Desktop on Mac is loading and closing very slowly after updating to Catalina. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it's no better. Please advise.

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3 replies

Have you rebooted your Mac?

I'm not seeing this, but will admit that 90% of the time I use the controller, it's on an iOS device, not on my Macs.

There's a couple of potentials that cross my mind here. It may not be the actual application on the Mac that's causing the issue, it's possible that it's the connection with your speakers to your wifi that's causing a slow connection between the commands on the controller. Do you see a similar delay when, for instance, starting playback, or changing playlists on your Mac?

If it's something in the MacOS that's causing an issue, I'm not sure it would show up in a system diagnostic, but it may be worth running one after experiencing this delay, and contacting Sonos Support directly to discuss it. If it's something in the Sonos app, it may show up in that diagnostic.

I suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.
Sonos app is responsive on iOS, and playback via itunes--excuse me, apple music--is quick. And all was well on my desktop until Catalina. I appreciate your advice on the diagnostic and phone peeps; that's the right thing. I've been with Sonos since the beginning, and they've been great. I've been concerned that as they've grown the support might be declining (for instance, they're really pushing the forum rather than live help), but they've been great in the past. Will give it a whirl Monday.

Laugh. I'm still getting used to the slight difference between iTunes and Music too. Although my iTunes itself has been "broken" for over a year, but since my music library was stored on an NAS and accessible via Sonos, it hasn't been a priority. With this change, I'm making some efforts to fix this, I've got a pile of CDs that I need to get imported so I can listen to them on my Sonos.

I've not heard anything to indicate the support has been declining in any way. I think, much like any company that provides support, it rises and lowers as situations presented and training are modified. The folks that I "know" in this forum are excellent, and I suspect that they probably do a lot of training of the phone folks. But we've all gotten that "support" person who's on their first month and trying hard to follow the scripts and truly understand the background. I don't hold those people ill will. They're trying, even if not as successfully as I'd like. But it's an opportunity for more training. I've managed my fair share (and been one too) of these kind of people. It's rare to find someone who's a full blown expert on the first day of work.

Given that it's only been a week since Catalina has been released, I'd expect there's some learning still to be done by Sonos. Sre, they probably worked there way through much of it during the beta, but I'm fairly sure there's still things to learn. Temper your expectations accordingly :)

But yea, if it's fine on iOS, and not on MacOS, that's a good test to at least disprove the whole "wifi interference" part.

Something else that just popped in my mind is that the Mac may be going through a virus protection or firewall which may be causing a certain amount of delay....but now I'm just guessing. I would ask you to come back after you talk to them and let us know what you find out. I'm always for more real data, rather than my personal guesswork.