Sonos Controller update still reboots Windows without a prompt, can the developers please provide a prompt

  • 1 December 2020
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As per the topic started by @KenOuf , I find that updating the Sonos controller app on Windows 10 also does the same thing, it simply restarts my PC without asking; this morning leaving me with a lot of lost work.  It seems to do it every time a Sonos controller update is required and is definitely the cause of the restart as I requested the update to version 12.2 during Windows’ active hours, perhaps naively expecting to be prompted before a system restart as per most other software.  Please provide a prompt if you’re going to restart my PC.  Screenshot of Event Viewer showing Sonos initiating a restart below...



3 replies

@KSonosD - I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue. When I first posted my frustration about rebooting without any indication, I too had lost work. And the issue is still happening to this day as there has been few updates since then. 
It’s the only program I know which reboots without notice. Very poor form by Sonos. 

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Strange that it doesn’t cause a reboot on my system. Do you have any settings causin this behavior?

Hi @106rallye, not that I’m aware of.  I just launch the Sonos program/app,  then Manage … Check for Software updates etc.  I forgot that this app has rebooted without a prompt before, stupidly chose to update and, unsurprisingly, it downloaded the update and restarted my PC.  It’s been a while since I’ve used or updated it, maybe major releases or changes force the reboot?  I didn’t check what version was installed prior to doing the update.  I’m used to all other software updates, during active hours, on this system prompting if a restart is necessary, so this does behave differently for some reason.