Sonos controller on older iPad - now stuffed?

  • 7 April 2019
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My iPad2 can't take the new IOS so I can't update the Sonos software. Ok, I was left with a slightly limited functionality but it worked. Now it won't work at all as I can't do an update. This is absurd! So I need to but a new iPad so that I can operate Sonos on it?

This doesn't show much consideration for your customers.

Is there a workaround?

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6 replies

My perfectly good iPad mini running iOS 9.3.5 can no longer connect to my Sonos system. This is a ridiculous state of affairs. It was working just fine one day and then the next it stops after the software on the speakers were updated. Sonos needs to warn owners of their system that when the speakers are updated that they can lose connectivity on older devices running operating systems on hardware used to control their speakers that Apple, Google (Android) or Microsoft no longer allow to be upgraded. I was just about to purchase two more Sonos Play 1 speakers to add to the four Play 1's and one Play 3 that I already own (a +$1,000 investment) but will no longer consider these speakers for expanding my system.
So Sonos is up to some pretty arbitary tricks ... It's app forces you to update - and then tells you that your device OS can no longer support it. Pretty Crappy service - especially for a fairly expensive solution.

IMHO - they could have just left you a method to keep running an older version - with the agreement that you know that version is no longer going to get support. LOTS of applications do this - it's really shouldn't be a show stopper - but I guess Sonos, with it's ultrathin roster of immature developers felt that blowing off a lot of its long standing customers was worth more than the hassle of actually having a solid release support plan.

In general technology companies usually allow for this - in fact it's very seldom that the "latest and greatest" SW release is even recommended as they usually aren't as stable. Anyway - maybe one day Sonus will grow up into a real company that cares about its users. In the interim - It might be a good plan to shitcan or Ebay my current equipment in favor of a competitor - I can think of one or 2 that actually sound better anyway.

Epic fail Sonos - for a company that is considered an industry leader - you suck. No wonder your stock has been falling for the last 5 years and it looks like its going to fall more.

Anyway - back to alternatives - the sonopad does solve this issue somewhat - but it lacks the ability to play music that already stored on your device.( Although I understand they are working on a solution for this). So if streaming is all you do ... your in luck. Personally - I'll use a more "current" android release until I can get rid of this POS and replace it with Audio Pro - which sounds better anyway.
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Sonopad. Downloaded and it has worked fine. That's saved me buying a new iPad. An excellent result! Many thanks for that tip - much appreciated!
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it is a third party sonos controller for the ipad/ iPhone (sonophone)
it does have some limitations so not full control of all features see here
Is there a workaround?SonoPad?
I, too, fell into this trap with my iPad 3. Luckily I have a number of other, newer iDevices as well. If you're able to run iOS 8, which I think is partially supported on iPad 2, then you could try Sonopad from the App Store.