Sonos controller for Kids?

  • 25 November 2021
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My eldest is getting to the age where they are able to use tablets, PCs etc.  and is getting increasingly independent. 

They also have a Sonos speaker in their room which they use for podcasts and music.

What I’d really like is an experience tailored to kids and parents:

  • Limit the rooms that they can control (no having fun messing around with speakers in the office or other bedrooms).
  • Limit the sources / filter adult content
  • Curated Playlists / streaming services (e.g. Stories Podcast on Stitcher / Spotify)

Another issue is that their Windows Tablet is in Windows S mode to prevent random installs, so we are unable to install the Sonos controller software as it is not available via the Windows Store.  Is there any reason that the existing Sonos Controller cannot be made available in the store via Project Centennial / Desktop Bridge / MSIX Packaging Tool, or whatever the current iteration is?

4 replies

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My Windows app for Sonos is available in the Store. (See profile). It doesn’t offer the kid features you desire, but it is touch-friendly and will work in S mode.

The Sonos desktop controller is in maintenance mode only, so unlikely to be updated to use the newer installation requirements.

If you really want to restrict what the kids do, you could always create an entirely separate Sonos Household for their speaker alone, and configure that exactly as you desire.

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My 4 yr old has a select group of playlists we’ve constructed for him.  But in order to listen he has to ask us.  I’d like him to be able to play his music at his leisure in his room when he wants.  

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Then he will need a device with the Sonos app on it.  That will give him access to the complete system though.  I’m betting a 4 yr old will get to grasp the app faster than my 50yr old wife!


There is also voice control as option. From talking with friends, kids pick up on the concept rather easily.  Not sure if that could be used to recognize the person speaking and apply a filter to the music select, but that would be up to Google and Amazon in that case, or perhaps the music service you’re using

As far as restrictions in the app itself, limiting what rooms and services you can access, it’s surely possible, but would likely get complicated rather quickly, and take up limited space on the speakers to maintain.  Or require the system to have cloud access for security.  Possibly not something that a lot of people would be interested in, though perhaps has other uses besides limited access for the younger family members.