Sonos Controller for iPad

  • 13 January 2020
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I can’t say enough good about the Sonos speakers but I am truely disappointed with he complete lack of attention Sonos pays to improving the Sonos app for iPad / iPhone & Apple in general.  

For some time I have been unable to play music from my iPad through the Sonos app to the Sonos speakers, I love the speakers so much I have foolishly accepted this SIGNIFICANT shortfall. Until recently I had resorted to simply enjoying streamed music through SiriusXM radio subscription on the speakers.  Recently I am having consistent issues with streaming SiriusXM through the app.  

I am so frustrated with the apparent lack of support for Apple devices I am thinking I need to replace my Sonos with a system I can use my Apple devices on.  

Not surprising this forum topic has been closed!  Please tell me Sonos will someday WAKEUP to this serious deficiency in their system.

6 replies

Apple discontinued the source code that allowed the ‘play from this device’ feature… not Sonos. There are a ton of threads around here regarding the topic. It was Apple that forced it, not Sonos.

See here:

Which SONOS speakers are you using? The more recent speakers can use AirPlay 2.


If Sonos sees value in their customers that use Apple devices they must take the time and show the commitment to update their application so it works (isn’t that what updates are for?!).  If Apple users are not valued by Sonos they should issue a clear statement that some (or many) of their devices are NOT compatible with Apple iPhones, iPads & Macs.  

To the suggestion by ‘buzz’ buying more Sonos speakers is a great answer for Sonos but a poor answer for Apple users … if Sonos has not supported evolutions in the market before how can I be assured they will in the future.  Who knows if Apple will change again & render the more recent Sonos speakers essentailly obsolete as well.  Buying new Sonos speakers at this point feels like “throwing good money after bad”!

And yet all functionality continues to work on the Sonos speakers, save this single ‘on this device’ from iOS. In fact, ‘on this device’ continues to work on Android devices. Your concern may be with the wrong company. If you were angry with Apple for closing this access, it would make more sense than being angry with Sonos, or Blue Sound, or any of the other companies that were affected by this change made by Apple. 

I totally get not being happy, it annoys me too, since I used to play a lot from my iPad and iPhone. But I recognize that Sonos not only had no choice, but also invested significant time and effort negotiating with Apple before finally removing the feature, in the hope that they could figure out how to make it work. Apple’s intransigence is legendary.

You have a total right to be angry, just be angry at the right people. 


Bruce / Airgetlan,


Unfortunately it is NOT only the ‘on this device’ material that is at issue, recently I have had significant issue streaming audio from a SiriusXM radio subscription over the App to the speakers through my iPad & iPhone.  No such issues streaming through iPad or iPhone via the SiriusXM app.  The Sonos app on Apple is not well supported by Sonos.

Further, I do believe my frustration is properly directed.  While i am by no means defending Apple it is a plain & simple fact that their user base eclipses Sonos’ user base.  If Sonos did invest significant time & effort negotiating with Apple they did the right thing, they are in no position to dictate to Apple.  When Sonos realized they could not convince Apple to change they were presented with a very clear choice (emphasis - Sonos indeed had a choice) - support their Sonos/Apple customers & update the Sonos App or do nothing (and send a clear message that portion of their customer base is not important as current or repeat customers).  Do not let them convince you otherwise.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “streaming audio from a SiriusXM radio subscription”. 

Are you using the SiriusXM app to play the music, and using AirPlay 2 to get the music to your Sonos?

Or do you mean using the Sonos controller to tell the speakers to go and get the stream from SiriusXM?

If it is streaming fine on your iPhone and iPad, but not on the Sonos, that certainly suggests that your Sonos speakers are having issues staying connected to your LAN/Wi-Fi network. This would be possible in either case I queried about above, since the connection issue is with the speakers receiving network data, in both cases from your router, independent as to where the source is, internal or external to your network.

However, if you’d prefer to be angry with Sonos for a choice made by Apple, then I’ll certainly respect your space to do so. 

If you’re interested in assistance from the Sonos community, I’m certain there are several community members who would be willing to help you resolve the issue you’re experiencing with your Sonos speakers. Unfortunately, so far, this community has been unable to convince a Apple to change the stance that has caused both Sonos and Blue Sound, as well as potentially others,  to remove the ‘on this device’ playback method, but helping with the connection issue you are experiencing would certainly be possible. Or, you could contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it. It is entirely up to you. 

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7.