Sonos Controller and Iphone Earphones

  • 5 August 2020
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I have two iphones and both of them stopped recognizing earphones connected via firewire (Iphone 11 and 7) around the same time in the last week or so, Nothing i do makes them work (restarting, cleaning the jack, removing Sonos apps). Given how many problems I’ve had with this nightmare Sonos controller system over the last 6 months or so, I suspect this latest upgrade has something to do with it. I use spotify over the sonos, from my laptop and my phones, directly from spotify (I avoid the sonos app) Apple offers nothing. Anyone else have such a problem?

2 replies

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Do you mean “lightning connector” instead of “firewire”? I’d be very surprised if this has anything to do with the Sonos app, because the app commands the speaker like a remote. It does not do anything with your music or headphones.

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This has got nothing to do with Sonos, something is up with your device and/or your headphones. The Sonos app doesn’t emit any audio.