Sonos Controller and a Mac

  • 9 January 2017
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I have just noticed that the Sonos controller for mac does not load all FLAC files I have if I add to my library on the Mac. If I use my PC and load my library on it, there are no issues with it adding them and playing without any issues.

With the Library loaded through the PC Sonos controller app, I can then see all the FLAC files in the Mac controller software, but I would rather be able to add the library on my Mac, and not my PC.

Any ideas?

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2 replies

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Sonos file size limits and tags

There is a 65,000 track limit.

The limit can be reached sooner if your tags and/or path names are over the Sonos limits, since past the character limit, Sonos will use another index slot to store the overflow. The solution is to use a tag editor to trim the tags or path. MP3Tag will do this for all your files in batch mode.

Tag and path character limits:

Max characters for Artists name: 76
Max characters for Album name: 92
Max characters for Track name: 100
Max characters for Genre name: 22
Max characters for an audio path and file name: 100

Note also that you can type the following in a browser and it will give you the status summary of the index:

where is the IP of any Sonos player.

You will get something like:

MAX 65000
COUNT 30042
Store Size 2621440
Store Used 2617752
Entries Size 262144
Entries Used 61046
Conflicts 21694

If Store Used is equal or very close to Store Size (as above), your tags are probably the problem. If your COUNT is at the max (65000) then you have more tracks than you thought.

Lastly, if you can't figure out the offending Tag(s), you can get a detailed listing of the index by doing the same above with:

This will allow you to view the above tags and filenames, and spot those that are over the limits.

(Above courtesy of jgatie)
What does this have to do with my issue when the Windows Sonos player works fine, yet the Mac one doesn't.