Sonos continues to suck. Can we rewind??

  • 23 April 2018
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Sonos continues to suck. Can we rewind?? One of my biggest purchase regrets over the last five years is purchasing the sonos system.

In the beginning (~2015 for us with sonos), the app worked and the entire system was amazing as a whole.

Biggest complaints?

——First, mid-play, I’ll attempt to adjust the volume and BOOM...the app cannot find the speakers. I’ll toggle WiFi on/off, close the app, restart my phone and the app still is blind to the speakers. I’ll finally delete the app and redownload it and THEN it MIGHT work.

——Second, I’ll listen to my music on my phone only to have the song skip to the next song before the first song is finished making listening to pretty much anything on my phone impossible. And yes, I’ve referred to their ‘fixes’, which do nothing.

If you are contemplating sonos...don’t. Spend your money elsewhere.

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1 reply

Or, contact Sonos, and give them the opportunity to help you resolve the issues that you're having with your local wifi system. I've had my system since 2014, and it's rock solid, even through 2 different moves.