sonos can't find my iTunes on my pc

  • 24 March 2013
  • 1 reply

When trying to add my music folder (ITunes) on my PC I get the following error: "Sonos was unable to add the Music Folder: Reason: Unable to add the following shared folder "\\Tracy-vaio\music" to your music library (1002)." I have another pc laptop, ipad and 2 iphones all of which work, it is just this laptop which wont find the local music. I can control SONOS, use radio etc but not local music. Any ideas?

1 reply

Hello Mark, Do you have any firewalls on this PC? If so it will most likely need to be configured in order to allow Sonos to access the music library. You can find instructions on the configuration of your firewall here: If you do not have a firewall or are still unable to add the music library try wiring your laptop into the network and disable the wireless adapter if possible to ensure that information is being sent over the wired connection. Error 1002 simply means a time out occurred during the attempt to add your library.