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  • 9 October 2021
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A. More Sonos overlap of music playing, ability to like, heart, thumbs up, etc. 


B. Likes, playlists and other show up from YouTube, spotify, audible, Amazon music, pandora, etc. In a current/main feed, last payed music, and visual previous search 


C. Integrations from apps likes and playlists from other apps visible. Using better APIs with other companies apps.


D. Songs played by other devices not using my account to show up or allowed to be saved to my playlists. 


These suggestions would assist in Sonos creating better playlists via algorithms for what we are generally listening to across all your accounts.

1 reply

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Hi @AronSchultz 

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thanks for your post!

I’ve flagged this topic as a feature request, so it will get to the correct team for consideration.

However, I need to point out that the majority of what you are requesting is down to the individual services and how they communicate with our systems, and is therefore out of our control.

In addition, B sounds very similar to the My Sonos page of the Sonos app and D sounds, frankly, impossible - if the device is not connected to the account, how would we know? If it is connected to the same music accounts, then that would be another thing that the service would need to implement themselves.