Sonos app layout problems needs changing

  • 15 February 2021
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Firstly, I'd like to say I love my sonos system. I consider my self a sonos super user, I funnel thousands of tracks through the app on my phone. I have soundcloud, bandcamp, Spotify, mixcloud, multiple computers running as servers, I even have access to a few of my mates soundcloud and bandcamp accounts aswell.

The app is great but there are improvements that need to be made/fixed. I searched on other threads but couldn't find the same issues that I'm having. 

My issues are more to do with the layout and ease of playing music and nothing to do with system connectivity.  Miss hitting buttons, slides, volumes etc. 

First - On the music playing screen :

1 - the slider for skipping through the track is to small, countless times I've gone to slide forward through a track and accidentally hit the title of the track bringing up the menu for that particular track (ie like, dislike, playlist selection). There's a lot of real estate on the screen maybe make cover pic smaller or move slider. 

2 - that same slider is too similar looking to the volume slider. My wife, myself, my friends constantly slide the wrong slider thinking it's the other which ruins the music experience. Suggest maybe volume slider going up and down not left and right. 

3 - Small issue with the heart like symbol next to play button, it could maybe do with a colour change when liked? Hard to tell if I've liked a track or not. 

Scrolling through lists of tracks :

4 - When scrolling through soundcloud likes/lists/teacks (on other lists on diff services too)  I constantly hit the fast slide toggle on right edge of screen sending me hundreds of tracks down thus losing my position. Very annoying. Not sure what fix should be. 

These are my main issues. 

It would be great to be able to customise layout to suit individuals playing styles, maybe in future updates? 

Thanks for allowing me to vent my first world problems. Hope these can be fixed. 

Anyone else have these issues? 





1 reply

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Hi @Zzilm, welcome to the Sonos Community! 

I’ll be happy to put your suggestions forward as a feature request - if you have any other ideas on suggesting the Sonos experience feel free to let us know :)