Sonos app and Spotify app new features

  • 20 November 2021
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Spotify has added a lyrics feature where you swipe up on the song playing and the lyrics appear highlighting the lines being sung.

Sonos has recently added a numeric indication to the sliding volume scale, when operating from an iPhone a haptic is also added that you feel when the volume is being adjusted.

It’s interesting that the lyrics feature only appears when your streaming directly from the Spotify app. When streaming Spotify via the Sonos app, the lyrics feature doesn’t appear. I usually always stream from the Sonos app so that’s a bit of a bummer.

The volume control feature and haptic only appear when streaming from the Sonos app.  I’ve always streamed Spotify from the Sonos app because most of the time I’m doing multi-room and use radio apps so out of habit stick with that.  

Is there any possibility the lyrics feature will ever be available when streaming Spotify from the Sonos app?


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Hi @John76,


Thanks for your feature request. 

Generally, it’s up to the music service as to which features are implemented on third-party platforms such as Sonos, so I suggest also making the request to Spotify that you’d like to see the lyrics feature implemented on platforms outside of the official Spotify app.

As to whether it’s possible or likely to happen; I don’t know. As I understand it, the feature is pretty new to the Spotify app, so it may take some time to propagate to other places if it will at all.