Sonos and Airplay

  • 7 January 2022
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Looking  for some guidance. I have just expanded my Sonos System and have 6 Sonos one’s, two first generation and 4 Second generation in rooms around the house and they work great. I have a Stereo pair in the lounge and rest doted around the house.  I use airplay and since yesterday the new  addition with I added yesterday comes and goes in airplay list of speakers. The speaker  works fine with Sonos app with I use, I like the grouping in gives me. But airplay in the main fails to show the new addition. Just wondering if it down to airplay or something else. Thank you.


5 replies

Maybe try a different WiFi channel - I suggest using a non-overlapping channel 1, 6 or 11 and set the channel-width to 20MHz only and see if that improves things for you.

Thanks Ken, I give it a go

As a tip, for grouped playback don’t use Airplay to make the group. Airplay to a single Sonos device, and group the others with it using the Sonos app.

Thanks ratty for that tip.

I have only just expanded to able me to use the grouping. Have to say I am finding the new Sonos app and grouping a much better way of organising music around the house. Go some really helpful information from this forum. 

Thanks for the replies.

Just a post to say thanks for the help.

Problem resolved everything is working great. 
My speakers all indicating excellent and very good connection.

The idea of just using one speaker on airplay works so well.