SONOS Alarm Clock Radio

  • 23 April 2012
  • 9 replies

Add a color screen, a large button, and a battery backup to the Play:3.
The color screen can be used to display the time using a number of customizable clock faces, as well as the song artwork when playing music.
The button can be customized to act as any number of functions, such as starting a preset channel, snoozing or stopping the alarm.
The battery backup guarantees the alarm will still go off in case of a power failure.

The only reason I haven't yet replaced my current alarm clocks with a Play:3 is this; I don't want to have two boxes on my nightstand.

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9 replies

I looked into a way to install a play:3 as an alarm clock.
I got stuck at some points and wondered if you could consider making an alarm clock player.
Here are the features I lacked:
- It should have a nice clock, with a controllable light density.
- It should be possible to set of a scheduled alarm.
- you should be able to see the next alarm time on the screen.
- It would be nice if the sound could fade in (adjustable).
- Link a playing list or radio station to the alarm feature.

Thanks for listening,
and keep up the good work!
A big Sonos fan from Belgium.
At this time, Sonos has marked the addition of any type of display and/or menu buttons on a player as "Not Planned." They still take votes on the idea, so feel free to add to the total here:
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I really would appreciate a clock on a Sonos Play 3, just a simple clock with red 7 segments display (preferably brightness adjustable). NO LCD with back light, had that to difficult to read or with back light on to much light in the room.

To top it of a button which stops the alarm, and or snooze it. The ability to switch alarm of by button and not use a controller, phone or other device is vital.

When it is build please book me for 2 units.
Dear Sonos-Team,

As you can see here a alarmclock would find a lot of fans.

Here is my list:

A small case, smaller than the one of the play3. Just one speaker like in most alarmclocks

A clock made of rgb-leds (color & brightness could be set by the controller)

A big snozze-button on the top. That button can be used to switch off the alarm

No display, for me a display dosent fit to the sonos design.
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Whilst I would also love a "Sonos alarm clock" I think that it should be based on a controller rather than a Zone Player. You can place your Zone Player(s)/speakers of choice anywhere you want in the bedroom and just use the “Sonos alarm clock” to control them.

Using a Play 3 as the base unit would mean a much larger foot print than needed and a smaller "Play 1" would still not solve this issue (volume and/or sound quality would be sub-Sonos standard).

However a Controller based unit with; a LED or LCD display, hard buttons for volume and snooze could be a real winner. I note that different posters prefer different colours for the clock display so I would like a selectable display colour (like some car aftermarket radios offer) incorporate into the design.

Now if you really want a “bedside killer app” add a cordless telephone and small table light into the unit and that would cover everything!!
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This could be a great product. Display with clock and next alarm time. Snooze button and alarm off button.

I'll take two them.
Yes please.

Play 1 with a dimmable VFD showing the time.
All functions are controlled through the Sonos controller, so it only needs the standard three buttons that the unit already has.

I am using two Play 1s as my alarm clock at the moment, one either side of the bed. It's the only alarm clock I've found that allows me to set arbitrary alarms (such as waking up at different times on each day of the week, and no alarm on weekends etc)

The footprint of the unit is great, the sound quality is really nice, stereo music in bed is awesome and the current alarm functionality is light-years ahead of any alarm clock I've ever seen.

All it needs to be perfect is:

1: Clock display (that IS NOT BRIGHT)
2: Gentle volume ramp up when alarm comes on
3: Not cutting out between overlapping alarms (i.e., on a low volume at 6:45 to wake up and then a higher volume at 7:00 for the news)
kai_h has the right suggestions here IMHO. KISS - Keep It Simple
I would put a Play 1 in every bedroom, if they had a clock display.
I'd like to see a clock in behind the mesh, and controlled from the app.
In addition to the existing alarm features you would need the following improvements made to the software:
- the ability to switch the display on and some control over brightness
- 12/24hr display - to cater for all markets

Why, well:
1. If the user can control the clock display, then every Play1 can have a clock, and choose whether or not it is displayed, ie one SKU
2. I don't want multiple devices in the bedroom, I want one decent sound device, that also has the time.
3. I want to be able to control my kids alarm clocks remotely (may need some admin rights controls in the sw)
4. If the kids alarm goes off too early, or is too loud, I can control it from any room in the house.
5. On movie night, I can steal the Play1s from the bedroom to give surround sound in the lounge adding to the PlayBar I already own
6. SONOS is the best, and I want a good excuse to buy more 🙂
This seems like an "obvious" one -- sonos in the guest room(s) as an alarm clock AND versatile music device for guests, but another great-sounding speaker participating in whole-house sound when there are no guests.