sonos 9 bug - unresponsive

  • 16 July 2018
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since upgrading to sonos 9 the app becomes unresponsive on the iphone if you switch to another app and back again , or even just press the home button , the music continues to play without a problem but the sonos app screen is no more that a picture on the phone. The only fix is to "close" the app" by swiping up and re open the app

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3 replies

I’m not getting this issue on my iPhone 5/iPhone 6 or iPad Air? My Sonos App v9.0 is working fine.

Could you possibly be running out of space on your device or have something else running on your device that’s causing a problem? I’ve seem this sort of thing happen when a user is getting close to running out of space on their device.

It’s worth checking that, at least.
HI ,thanks fort the help , unfortunately not , still got over 4GB free on phone , and always been about this limit , i've just downloaded ios 11.4.1 but problem exactly the same issue
i think i have fixed it though , deleted the app , and re installed it from app store , seems to have fixed it
Good to hear that, but if the problem returns, I would suggest also turning off WiFi Assist on the phone, as in poor WiFi signal areas the phone will switchover to a 3G/4G mobile signal and in doing so, it will lose its connection to Sonos on your network.

Anyhow see how it goes now you have reinstalled the App.