SKY Q with Sonos controller issue

  • 15 August 2018
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Today we had Sky Q installed along with mini TV box in the kitchen (and wireless sky broadband booster hardwired back to the main Q Hub in the study). The Sonos controller works fine when next to the main Hub and Sonos Bridge in the study - all speakers in the house can be controlled and new music selected.

As soon as you leave this room and the wifi signal drops, re-connecting to either the signal provided by the Q box in the lounge or booster in the kitchen (all same network name), all control of the sonos is lost. The music continues to play and volume can be adjusted but you can not stop or play new tracks. Connection to "my music" is also lost, tracks and albums just show up as greyed out discs.

If I then walk back into the study and it picks the main hub signal up again, everything springs back to life.

Prior to Sky Q, I was using two additional TP-Link Wireless N Access Points to provide wifi coverage throughout the house (the sonos worked fine with this system). Each access point had it's own name, 'study', 'kitchen' etc. I have plugged a TP Link back into the kitchen next to the new Sky Q booster, both now connected to the main Hub via a desktop switch.

Now when I connect to the controller, same problem when on the wifi from the sky booster, but have full control when connected to the TP Link.

The whole idea of the Sky Q was that I could do away with having several TP-Links in the house, having to change wifi connection when moving from room to room.

Does anyone know a way round this? I spent a good 3 hours on the phone to technical support today, trying allsorts including changing network channels, removing the 2.4ghz signal the sky boxes are throwing off, removing the bridge and connecting directly into a speaker - nothing solved it.

For the time being I'll re-install the two TP Links and use this for all internet connection with the exception of the Sky box connecting to the Sky booster but any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello there, chrisjh. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Sounds like a configuration problem between Sonos and the Sky Q network. It would likely be best to give our support technicians a call to take a closer look at this in real time. They can set up a remote session and get a closer look at how Sonos is communicating across the local network.