Skip back/forward in podcasts

  • 5 January 2018
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Are there plans to add a skip ahead/back 30 seconds to the iOS app?

I listen to a lot of podcasts/audiobooks and it's a real pain trying to reliably adjust the slider back a small amount to replay something I missed in a multi hour show/book. The slider control likes to behave erratically when you let go at your desired point - it's just not a great control for this type of media. I would expect the software to detect podcast playback and present skip ahead 30 seconds vs skipping to the next track which is mostly useless.

Any tips or info would be great! 😳

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5 replies

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Hi, bmherold. Thanks for your post. This is something we have heard users express a desire for, so it is something we would like to look at in greater depth at some point. As to a time-frame, we cannot say. Please stay tuned for any further updates and let me know if there's anything else you might need.
Any updates on this feature? +1 on making it available
Yes we need this!
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Have long wanted this feature too - so I was surprised last night when listening to a podcast that appeared to have jumped back 20 minutes, I picked up the phone to scrub to the correct place when... I saw skip forward and back 20 second buttons on the sonos controller app!

I missed any announcement about it - but it worked like a charm. I'm well pleased.