Siri says "I can't play that in the kitchen"

I picked up a Sonos One today after learning of the Airplay 2 support. Everything is working great with older speakers.

I'm trying to use Siri on my phone to launch music. It is setup in the Kitchen. However, after adding the new Sonos One to Homekit, and requesting music in the "kitchen" or "everywhere", Siri responds "Sorry, I couldn't play that in the kitchen"

I am running iOS 12 beta 3.

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Not sure, but as a guess, I'd suggest it's the beta iOS that's the issue. Sonos doesn't support beta builds of other companies. I've also seen issues with beta issues of MacOS.
are you trying to play from Apple music, directly from your phone or from another streaming service? You probably know this, so apologies if you do, but siri won't open streaming from any 3rd party apps. Hopefully in ios 12 maybe?
Yeah, I'm using Apple music. I can launch apple music no problem on the device through Siri.
when I say "play x in the kitchen" (where I have the speaker bound in Home), I get that message "Sorry, I couldn't play that in the kitchen".

if i say "play x in the bedroom" (where I do not have a speaker set up), the response is "Sorry, I couldn't find a speaker in the bedroom".

So that leads me to understand that the speaker is being found in the kitchen, but Siri just won't play music for me there.

It very well could be a bug in ios12 beta 3.

I'm assuming this is working for other people.
Hi there! Exact same problem here with ios12 beta 3 and two sonos speakers added in the Home app. It says it can't start the music on the speaker....did you find a solution?
No solution yet. I haven't tried this again after installing beta 4 though.
For me the problem persist with developer beta 4...and I installed it on all my iPhones and iPads so no way to try with iOS 11...
agreed, same here.
Having same issue. Also running iOS 12 betas.
Well at least I know it’s not just me...#MeToo
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This is an iOS 12 issue. I can ask Siri to play across my Sonos devices and it works fine from my wife's iPad running iOS 11.
So I went on my iOS11 device to Settings > Room Settings > Living Room (yours maybe different) > TV

Then I turned off all the switches and tapped TV setup. I can now use Siri to send music using Siri on iOS 11 to my Living Room (Beam) or Living Room TV (Apple TV). I can even send to both at the same time, but obviously only the music sent to Beam is heard.

iOS12 just says it can’t do it. Interesting enough, iOS12 can pause the music and tell me what is playing.

Just bought my first Sonos device. Sonos One.
I’m having the same issue.

Here is some info.

iPhone iOS 12 beta 4 - same behavior. Siri “can’t connect”.
Downgrade same iPhone to iOS 11.4.1 - SAME. (But I lost enormous amount of time to downgrade + restore all the data. I don’t recommend to do that. In my case downgrade to iOS 11 didn’t help.
iOS both 12 and 11 - in control center switching to Sonos - unable to connect. The same time it connects successfully to Apple TV. (Both tvOS 11 and 12 beta).

The same behavior when I try to connect to Sonos from Apple TV. Everything exact same as on iPhone.

+ iTunes on Mac. (High Sierra). While trying to choose Sonos in iTunes = error.

But I’m able to airplay selecting Sonos manually like any airplay device. On any device. But not Siri and not connectivity directly to Sonos with airplay 2.

Factory reset of Sonos did nothing. Just saying.

I’m trying to figure out is it Apple or Sonos messed up with Airplay 2 protocol.
Apple TV works great. Sonos One - doesn’t.
FYI this has been fixed in Developer Beta 5
Yes, it is mostly consistent in iOS 12 Developer Beta 5 (though I just tried it again to confirm that it worked and it didn’t - a hard reset fixed the issue). Also, make sure the name your speaker in the Sonos app is the same name you give it in the iOS Home app.
Yep, iOS 12 Developer beta 5 made Siri work.

However, when I try to manually connect thru Control Center it still "Unable to connect".
sweet. I just tried as well on beta 5. Though things weren't working at first, so I deleted the speaker, re-added and then success.
Important to note again that Sonos does not officially support any other companies' beta OS's.

Delighted that it is working for you now, though.
Important to note again that Sonos does not officially support any other companies' beta OS's.

Thank you. I realize that. The issue was that on 11.4.1 it also didn't work as I described above. At least for me...
After the new iOS 12 beta, it works. But it still a weird behaviour. Probably it makes sense to send a feedback to both Sonos and Apple rather than describing it here.
I don't know is it on Apple or on Sonos side...

I just shared my experience, in case if someone had the same.
iPhone X iOS 11.4.1/ Sonos One I can tell Siri on my phone to play a certain song or music via Apple Music to my speaker in the Kitchen (both named Kitchen in Sonos app and Home app) but when I ask siri to do the same on my Apple Watch 3 it says it can’t do that. Will this be fixed in a iOS or Sonos update?