Siri control through iWatch

  • 16 July 2018
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I’m happy that I can now control my Sonos devices through Siri on my iPhone, but I’m given an error message when trying to execute the same command on my iWatch. Is this expected?

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5 replies

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Hi there, SonosUser4567. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. What errors are you getting when making the request through your Apple Watch? These commands go through Siri and AirPlay. This means if the commands work as expected from the iPhone to Sonos, and the problem only happens when making commands from the Apple Watch, it might be best to take a look at the connection between your Apple Watch and the iPhone. Do other requests (like weather requests, etc.) work fine when using your Apple Watch?

Another thing to keep in mind, the Apple Watch is not a supported platform for Sonos to work natively. This means your mileage may vary in regards to these features. In the meantime, I am happy to forward this topic as a feature request for Apple Watch support along to the team.

Thanks for the feedback!
I have the same issue..I can ask Siri on my phone to play a certain song on my iPhone X and it works fine but if I even just ask Siri on my Apple Watch to play music on speaker in kitchen it says sport I can’t do that on your Apple Watch. I can however use the controls on Watch once Music has been started via iPhone..I want to be able to start music from my watch.
I also have the same issue. I can use my iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 12 to ask Siri to play any song and direct the music to a specific room (via HomeKit/AirPlay 2). However, when I give the same command on my Apple Watch I get "Sorry, John. I can't do that on your Apple Watch." See attached. With Raise to Talk, I don't ever use Siri on my iPhone anymore.
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If you have a Sonos speaker with Airplay2 (like the Sonos One) then it should work like your saying above.

Non-Airplay2 compatible Sonos units you still have to play from Sonos App. Your watch can do basic functions via lock screen control of the Sonos App. There is also the option of several 3rd party apple watch apps like Sonobit if you want to be able to group from your watch and select favorites etc.
I have two Sonos One Speakers, which get pulled into HomeKit. Homekit allows me to group speakers into a single room and then combined with AirPlay2, I can use Siri to play music in said room on both speakers. Airplay 2 alone doesn't support this. This works perfectly on my iPhone. When I try the exact same phase with Siri on Apple Watch, I get the above error attached to my original post. I can't push music to a specific speaker or room from my Apple Watch. Once music is playing, the Now Playing watch face appears on my watch and I'm good to go. It's the Siri commands on the Apple Watch that are lacking.