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I'm constantly tweaking my EQ, Surround and Sub levels based on what I'm watching or listening to. I really just want these sliders all on the same page instead of drilling into the Advanced audio menu all the time. Wireframes attached.

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Thanks for sharing and drawing up your idea, gerard.galasso. I will be sure to get this to the team for consideration. Thanks again for the feedback!
+1 on that, please.
Can we also get software update notifications without losing controls until we do the update?
OH I remembered one other idea I had. Sound Profiles. Like one sound setting for the TV and one for Music so I can switch back and forth instantly before fine tuning my EQ, SUB and Surround setting.
Totally agree with this. Just got a Beam to add to my other rooms. I haven't previously wanted or needed to change the EQ or Loudness function, but with the Beam I just don't always need the TV sound that BIG. Especially when the kids are playing Fortnight - it demands a gentler EQ and Loudness than watching the sport or a movie, but the settings are buried. Even a shortcut from the Room screen to the EQ screen would help.
Love this idea. I don't change my EQ often, but it does seem quite buried when it could be tied a little more closely to the volume. I also really like the idea of having sound profiles or "scenes" for different scenarios. GREAT ideas!

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