Severe battery drain from Sonos app 8.3 on iOS

  • 2 February 2018
  • 5 replies

After updating to version 8.3 the Sonos app rapidly drains the battery on an iPhone SE running iOS 11.2.5 (42% of all battery usage in the last 24 hours, overall to cca 40%, so 25% of battery capacity goes just for Sonos used for 4 minutes foreground and 1 minute background (!)). Lock screen controls is Off (since this was suggested as a possible cause in a number of places). I have also tried deleting and reinstalling the app: same behaviour. Before the update Sonos battery usage was only a few percent. Nothing else has changed.

I uploaded the diagnostics 8420376. Sonos "solution" has been very helpful:

"We have been investigating reports from customers who are perceiving high battery usage by the Sonos app on their iOS 10 devices. The data has now been analysed and we have determined the battery usage to be reading as expected.

Our only advice to customers who do not agree with this is to force stop the app when it is not in use."

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5 replies

The app is rubbish these days, and this response says it all.

The app constantly drops out, searches for Sonos on the WiFi network only not to find it. Leave it for 5 minutes and it finds it only to drop it again. Funnily enough the iPad app works fine, every time.

Battery drain is the other big one: 7 hours background used 37% battery overnight. Why? Any other “media” apps I use manage not to.

I’ve been a long-time Sonos user and have always been delighted with everything they do. Technical Support was unbelievably good. Last few years, not so much.
Same issue here. Have to remember to close the app otherwise I’ll be lucky to have the phone last a day
Drain happens on iPad too but not as severe
Expected behaviour means they can't reproduce.
Battery usages is absolutely excessive.

Simply use it to start or stop a playlist and then it uses 41% of battery....
I have the same problem - 3min in app use resulted in 15% battery drain ?!. I literally bought a Sonos One 2 days ago and I am already considering returning it. This is a £200 tiny speaker and the app is a complete flop...There is no excuse at this price. Overhyped product, poor quality.
Sonos app is regularly using 30-40% with 99% of the time just running in the background. Based on this the app is usable xcpt on a device that is dedicated to Sonos. Not what I was expecting.