Sent diagnostics -- controller appears to be malfunctioning d

  • 11 August 2020
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Diagnostics # 55047988

From controller where Sonos is being controlled it appears Line-In is disconnected, and all items below are greyed out. But when controller is viewed from another device, Line-In is connected and Source Name, Source Level, Source Level, Auto Delay and Autoplay are normal. All controllers are running on Android (Pixel 4XL).

3 replies

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Diagnostics #18560117 shows diagnostic run on another device.

Hi.  You cannot view a controller from another controller.  All controllers provide a view of the system.  I suggest checking for updates on the problem controller.  Failing that, please try this sequence:

  1. Uninstall app
  2. ‘Forget’ home network
  3. Power phone off and on
  4. Reconnect to WiFi
  5. Reinstall app, select ‘connect to existing system’
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Line-In sources are enumerated directly from each speaker so if they are missing it would imply wireless interference to the speakers. However this makes less sense as one phone can see them, and another cannot, unless there is a VPN or something weird on one of the phones.

Once Sonos look at the diagnostic they can tell for sure.