secure sonos controller (guided access)

  • 20 August 2022
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I have a holiday rental property with Sonos speakers, and I use a several iPhone SEs in guided access mode as controllers, sat permanently on charging docks.

it seems if the iPhone battery is allowed to run down, or it is force restarted, then guided access is now turned off.

Is there a way to ensure guided access stays active and guests cannot ‘fiddle’ ?


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2 replies

I think you’d be better off asking that question over on the Apple community. It’ll be an iOS thing, rather than Sonos specific.

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I managed to sort this, and thought I would post back in case it helps anyone else…


guided access is a pretty good solution if handing the phone to children etc, but with only a small amount of fiddling, it is easy to bypass.

a much more robust solution is to run Sonos as a single app (kiosk mode). This appears to fix the problem I stated earlier.

Only downside, there is a small cost involved, - but for less than £10 per device, you can have an iPhone or iPad running in kiosk mode.

not having an Apple pc or laptop, I used a product called iMazing for windows, and it seems to work really well. - 30% off too, if you have a student in the family.