search genre tags (and maybe interpret genre tag separators)

  • 19 January 2014
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In the Sonos application on OSX, you can use a search field to serach for artists, album names and titles. What you cannot search for, though, are genre tags.

Being able to search genre tags is a nice workaround for the fact that ID3v2 doesn't natively support multiple genre tags. Some audio players can deal with tags like pop/electronic and will interpret them as two separate tags. This is the effective workaround for using multiple tags on an MP3.
If I use pop/electronic as the genre for my MP3 and then, in the Sonos app, search for "electronic", I'd like to find the track because of the "partial-match" nature of the built in search. The amount of tags is usually small compared to artists and track names, so the search space won't explode by enabling searching in tags, either.

As a follow-up on this idea, Sonos could also consider dealing with muliple genre tags by adding an optional separator character setting in the properties section of the Sonos app. Users could select a character such as / or & and make the app parse a genre string and divide all strings separated by that character into separate tags which could then be browsed normally.

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2 replies

I totally agree.  Media Monkey uses a semi colon ";".  This is one of the few drawbacks I find in the otherwise nice Sonos software.
Some traction on this please. For this with larger play lists being able to add multiple tags in some format Sonos understands would be incredibly helpful (and yes, I vote for a ; separator).