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Since updating the Sonos app on my Ipad just now I’ve found that when searching for a song title in my music library no results are found if the title includes an apostrophe. Songs in the music library with apostrophes in their titles are found when using the search function on the Sonos controller on my Mac.

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Hi there, John. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I was unable to replicate this problem using my own iPad and the most up to date controller. Have you since removed the app from the iPad and re-downloaded the app to test?
Hi Keith, No I haven’t removed and replaced the App but just checked and the issue is still there. If I type We’ll it finds no songs at all but if I type we’re it finds just one. If I type the letter I followed by an apostrophe it finds no songs at all. If I type just an apostrophe it weirdly finds 3 songs. Just for info I have over 40,000 songs in my library so as you can imagine literally hundreds will start with I’ve, I’m, I’d, I’ll etc. If I look for the song ‘We’ll Be Together Again’ it finds nothing (I have about a dozen versions of this song in my library) but if I miss out the we’ll and just type ‘Be Together Again’ it finds them all. In fact if I type we’ll it immediately skips the music library and only shows spotify results. Tried choosing ‘more’ but makes no difference.
Hello again Keith - I’ve just deleted the Sonos App from my iPad and re-downloaded it as you suggested. I’ve also powered down and re-started my iPad. The problem is exactly the same. My iPad has the latest software version iOS 11.2.1. So, is this a Sonos issue or an iPad issue? I’ve been using my Sonos system since 2008/9 and using the iPad app to control it for a couple of years (since the Sonos app on my 4th Gen iPod Touch was rendered obsolete) so I’m quite experienced in operating the Sonos system but I have not experienced this issue before. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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Hi again, John. I have attempted to replicate the problem on my side using an iPad on various Music Services and on my own Music Library, to no avail. It's hard to say if it is a Sonos issue because if it were, I should be able to recreate the same problem on my side. This leads me to think it has to be something with the iPad. I think it may be a good idea to have you talk to one of our technicians on the phone so they can take a closer look at this with you in real time. There, we can set up a remote session on a local computer and both you and the technician can take a look at the behavior.

Our contact information can be found here.
Thanks for your reply Keith - I have just submitted a question to Customer Help ref 171216-000704 so will now await contact from that team.


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