• 7 March 2019
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I have 0 knowledge when it comes to scrips. I am looking for a script to install the controller remotely on a mac. This can be done via remote desktop on mac as well. Any ideas or thoughts?

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5 replies

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Hi EMS2018

I doubt that you'll be able to write a script as that would also entail Sonos releasing proprietary information about the Controller. However you could install GoToMyPc on your clients workstation and just have them never turn the unit off.

It's for a business, and I and we have a tool that updates and pushes out software, but I need to create a script to do so, which is why I am asking for help here.
Is for mac's owned by a business? There are enterprise management software that would do that sort of thing, but I'm not too familar with it, and even less so with iOS

If you're installer, looking to install the client on customer machines, I wouldn't think that would work too well.
I want the software installed on a mac installed remotely. Which, should be possible. I see no reason why it wouldn't be
I wouldn't think such a thing would work, since in most cases, there's a required "press this switch on a Sonos" involved.

But you're looking for a remote deployment piece of software, not likely to find much information here in the Sonos support forum.