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Hey sonos, reaaaaaalllly uncool announcement ?
CR100 means anyone can use it with ease, the app is far too slow and clunky and I’ve always hoped that you’d share a ‘how to’ on turning an old handset into a dedicated controller but i’ve Never seen that happen.
I bought two of the CR200 controllers.... both were expensive and both failed, then you binned the product off so the CR100 remained as the controller that is reliable and always works. Don’t bin it too and definitely don’t TELL me what to do with kit I’ve invested in.

£100 voucher, lovely but I currently have surplus units to the available rooms to play it in. So not much help.

How about spend invest some time telling us how to create a new dedicated controller with an old handset. That would make me happier.
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(I posted this response on another thread of the same topic.) Yet another poor decision by Sonos. After recently dealing with the awful new controller software update, finally hitting the 65K library limit, and now this decision I will echo the sentiments of others here. Should Sonos stay with the decision to forcibly retire the CR100 I will part ways with the company and seek alternative solutions when the time comes. These controllers aren't the most elegant solution, but they are purpose-built and run like tanks. I've dropped mine a few times with no damage whatsoever. The stated reason for retirement feels quite bogus. After how many years of these controllers' use suddenly the battery charging is an issue? I have never noticed a problem. It appears to me this excuse is convenient cover for yet another hardware limitation in the speakers themselves. Sorry Sonos, keep your voucher as I will not need it. You will lose me as a customer based on this decision.
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I was shocked by today's Sonos announcement to discontinue the USE of the cr100. I have 3 of those controllers at strategically positioned locations in our house. Me, my wife and 4 kids have also the sonos app and spotify app on the smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops, but the cr100 controllers are functioning fastest (=instantly) and always see all components. I can accept that new functions will not be implemented in the future on the cr100 but I cannot accept discontinuation of FUNCTIONING of the controller with basic functions. SONOS PLEASE KEEP THE CR100 WORKING!
First thing I will do after posting this, is checking which other systems there are on the market with equal or better sound and dedicated, instantly working controllers. Hopefully there are.
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... I Think I recall the CR100's being the wrong side of £300 each, and for that you didn't even get the cradle, - that was another £40 a pop. Top of my head maths then suggests that my 3 CR100's and 3 cradles set me back almost exactly £1000.... - and that was in the days when a grand was worth something!! ...
Oh yes!

I remember feeling a bit conned at the time, having to purchase the cradle as an extra when it should have been included (as it was when the CR200 came out). I think the offer should be more if you have a cradle. ;)

We have 7 CR100s all with cradles (£2,400 odd) and the offer is £100 - Really? 😠
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Do you know, I'm really rather looking forward to life after the Great Brick.

No more bossing to update to the next seemingly identical iteration.

No more having to race about the house having to unplug all my zone players and then plug them back in.

No more wondering, having done that, why the blinking kitchen will inevitably be the one zone that never comes back up.

No more thinking about posting a query on this forum but then deciding not to as the charity police will only tell me its my fault not Sonos'.

No more wanting to buy more kit.

This could be really restful, not to say profitable. And I'll still be using the mighty CR100s.

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Well, here we are. Entirely predictable. The gloaters out in force after D-day. Haven't seen any of them condemn Sonos for the serial lies peddled in this sordid episode? Plenty quick enough to jump on posters that may have got details wrong through the thread. About sums it up.

When I first joined this thread I was taken aback by the aggressive, disruptive and condescending posts from these forum members. In other forums I have seen members either warned or banned for such behaviour but it would seem that it is acceptable here.

Regardless, much to their pleasure I will be leaving now and not coming back. Not only is Sonos as a company now dead to me, but due to the behaviour of these gloating know-it-alls, so is this forum.

I really pity those who only now find out that their CR100s have been, or will be, bricked by 8.5 and come to these forums looking for help and perhaps a little sympathy. I'm certain that neither will be forthcoming from the members in question.

much thanks for the work you did to create the lock down detail, glad I could help out in the process.
I will agree with the sentiments RE: this "Sonos Community".
I am just glad that I was not raised in such a community, I was raised with manners and respect for others and others thoughts whereby I do not twist what someone says and instantly berate them in the process.

I will still be here for a while trying to help anyone that actually poses a question, but will not waste my time with these message board campers, I am working to get back to my regularly scheduled life with my Sonos Gear (including the CR100s) playing the music, at least for the time being.

thanks for the great work you did, it became the final word to locking down the systems.
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Sonos don't want to 'move on to another control method', they just want to move on. Count me out of this ageist, beyond-parody nostalgia. I am nearly 60 but please, give me touchscreen any day, develop new services and ways for me to interact with my system.

If something changes in life you adapt. And in the grand scheme of things you are being asked to control your expensive hifi system in a slightly different way, not throw the system in the bin.

Never on this forum has there been a thread so lacking in perspective and reason. It redefines the expression 'first world problem'.

Life's too short. Good luck and goodbye.

John B,

speaking for myself I am not going to apologize for my desire to "keep things the way they are", as tech moves on (and I AM in the IT business) I get to play with all of the new product, thing is, what gives Sonos the right to make decisions on my behalf as to what hardware which I paid for, and used to actually make my purchase decision, is going to be trashed.
I say let Sonos move forward and bring Voice and further Touchscreen services into the realm, but figure out a way to either bring the hardware that they sold me along as well, OR give me the option to stay static and watch the world go past me.
Perhaps once the "new tech" becomes mature I will see a different light and WANT to move towards it, until then I did not sign up to become one of Sonos's Beta-Testers on crappy control design.

I still have a Mother that can tell me what is "safe" for me and what I should stop doing, I do not need Sonos to take her place.
instead of spending time on boardroom meetings and likely having lawyer discussions on how to present the BS story of bad batteries and weak CPU's they could have spent time on how to allow the CR100 to remain viable within the Eco-System while bringing new services and voice control to the scene.
here's a thought: If Sonos actually came out with a Control Design, either APP or Hardware that was actually BETTER Than the CR100 we would not be wasting our time on this topic and the game would be over, Sadly, they have not.

I use new tech, and I use the Sonos App on my smartphone and PC, I could also tell you that small children should usually NOT be in the room when the Sonos App is opened on the phone, may not be good for their ears.......
do not mistake the "nostalgia" talk as a sign that I do not want New tech, but isn't the "new" supposed to "improve" the old?
Touchscreen has its place, and so still does Tactile Buttons......

the case has been made, I do not care if they make any more "improvements" to what the CR100 can do, for that matter lock the thing down to old V7 code for all I care, just do not think its right to make the decision for me that the unit MUST be trashed "for my safety" that is a total line of crap.

if you cannot see that from the posts then what am I missing?
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More choices coming all the time. Soon, Google Assistant, which is currently the most accurate voice Assistant. Should make music selection even easier than the already dead simple Alexa. Makes the CR100 seem very quaint. :D

Voice Control
Does it work without an internet connection? No.
Will it give access to local music? No.
Can you search your music, or even the music of a streaming provider? No
Will it work in all countries, with all regional accents? No
Will it regularly mis-interpret things? Yes

You claim that Alexa is dead simple to use, but Google Assistant will be better - what could be better than dead simple? Basically it will provide the same functionality as Alexa, which quite frankly is a huge disappointment, frustrating to use, and has already been abandoned in our house.

Run through the above questions with the CR100 and the answers are the complete opposite. It works. The only downside is Sonos have been restricting the feature set either by need or design. I am beginning to suspect the latter.

So the reality is the choices are diminishing from the following:
dedicated hard controller, app on a third party handheld device, voice control by third party hardware, desktop app on third party hardware
app on a third party handheld device, voice control by third party hardware, desktop app on third party hardware

But somehow you see the loss of choice as progress.

I have always avoided the term fanboy thinking instead of the regular posters as enthusiastic owners. But when you are openly supporting the reduction of choice for the user in favour of the party line (which is about reducing support costs) then maybe its time to reconsider.

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Hey Sonos,
I have 5 or 6 of the CR100's and use them with along with my (single) smartphone. I have absolutely NO desire to go to "Voice Control" and find that the CR100's ability to be in the Bedroom at night or in the Garage/Barn and Pool Shed makes it really simple to manage and control all the zone players, Play1's and Play5's all across my home and 2 barns. (total of 10+ players and a couple bridges to date )
I could never understand the decision to drop the CR100 and force everyone to move to a touch screen device as NONE of them were as convenient as the CR100
I do not find it "simple" to use my smartphone and your APP. , and would never just hand my Smartphone to a guest or a child to allow them to play with the Sonos system.
In the dark while half asleep I can manage the CR100 without opening my eyes, you will never do that with a touchscreen.
I do not care if "new features" and "voice control" works with the system, I want the hardware I purchased, and spent quite a bit of money on, to work until I decide I am done with it, Unless you are going to send me CR200's to replace all my CR100's (which would still force me to open my eyes) I do not believe you should simply "decide" for all of us that these units are no longer any good! I do not believe in making my tablets and phones the "default" controller for this audio gear.
as a component level tech in electronics I have had no issues replacing the batteries and repairing these units, and with online information out there for everyone I do not believe anyone has any issues replacing the batteries, so please, do not use the batteries as an excuse for killing off a product you no longer want to support. nice try.
Sonos IS the best multi-room system of its type, this decision is not going to improve your "thumbs up" status any.

I would rather stop receiving all further updates on these devices and at the same time STOP buying any additional Sonos gear if there is no other fix to this issue.
How about giving your customers, the owners of this hardware and the people that spent their money on this gear the option to keep the remotes going?

Taking the ability to easily control the units will become a reason to drop the product and move on.
Sorry to see your notice of this decision, I do not agree with it, and believe you just made your product less user friendly.
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I'd like to raise a few more points:

1. The number of posts on this thread is not indicative of the number of people affected. I hadn't used my sonos system for a while and only became aware of the update issue when I picked up the controller which was the beginning of this week. I don't visit the forum as, generally, the system has been fine. Ive had to tell my parents about it and will have to try to sort their system out for them.

2. Sonos have had their cash out of us so don't care anymore. Most of us have "maxxed-out" our Sonos systems although Ive always been tempted to add another one or two..

3. As people have suggested, if Amazon or Apple are looking to acquire Sonos they don't want to have to compete with legacy controller support. Let Sonos do the dirty work and then the new investor/buyer reaps the reward.

4. Given the environmental concern these days I think it is disgraceful for a company to "brick" a perfectly working piece of equipment but they don't care.

5. I dont see what the support issues are- Sonos have already limited the usefulness of the controller (no longer able to access amazon music) but that is fine as I have a NAS that I stream from. Just leave the controller as-is. No need for any updates to it unless you are deliberately bricking it.
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An Echo Dot does a better job than the CR100 for a good chunk of your list...

Great. So does my butler, far easier for him to turn the stuff off but he doesn't work on Fridays. And I don't find the Echo Dot does any of the list better - and that is a fact.

That which is claimed without any evidence is easy to refute without any evidence.

You seem to love your lovely little dot, please go and start a thread on it.
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Well, that's it folks, "the letter" has been sent (full content below)

Thanks to Dash for starting this thread (for the record 8 weeks ago today) and thanks to all who have contributed.

We can now only sit back and await the response.

Thanks again all - absolutely, definitely time for a glass of wine and some tunes I think...


Dear Patrick,

I write on behalf of the many users expressing their disappointment at your proposed firmware update in April 2018 that will permanently disconnect a CR100 from its associated Sonos system and thus render the controller useless.

You will be aware that there has been a great deal of discussion on your forums over the last 8 weeks, the principal one being the thread entitled "Save the CR100"

This thread has, at the time of writing, 2171 posts over 87 pages.

I agree, some of the content of this thread is heated exchange and unnecessary contribution but it is clear to see that emotions are running high on this subject and the majority of content has been from active supporters expressing their dismay and arguing their points reasonably for Sonos to maintain support for the CR100.

In addition, a petition active on has, at the time of writing, attracted 404 signatures

The petition can be found here:

Other than the disabling of the CR100, one of the major issues we have is that during this 8 week period, there has been very little input from Sonos other than to confirm to us, again, that we either accept what's happening or "lock down" and accept the "risks"

As a result, and from the contributions on this forum, we have put together the following list which we feel present sound arguments for you to consider as to why support for the CR100 should continue.

1. We don't want our kids using tablets / smartphones to control Sonos in their bedrooms as this gives them unsupervised internet access.

2. It's splashproof and robust - great for kitchen, bathroom, pool, outdoor use & for the kids.

3. We feel we are currently forced (but don't want) to lock down our systems from future upgrades and potentially lose our streaming services in the future as a result. This forced locking down of systems to protect our CR100s is effectively preventing us from ANY future Sonos purchases.

4. Casual users (an example, holiday home users but also anybody who chooses not to upgrade to each and every new release) might innocently perform an upgrade in 6 months and lose their CR100s without any warning.

5. The CR100 is easier for people with certain disabilities to use over a touchscreen / PC based app. In addition, we believe that any person whose hands are too old or too young to have the required level of physical dexterity would struggle to use a touchscreen comfortably.

6. We have invested a lot of money in CR100s (several users citing ownership of 4, 5, 6 or more units) and still see them as an ongoing concern with plenty of life left. We do not want to re-invest in a corresponding number of new tablets (or other equivalent devices) to take over the job.

7. It is easy for guests to use. We are happy to hand over our CR100s for them to use but not our smartphones or tablets.

8. It is our preferred method of controlling our Sonos systems. We do not want to move to solely app or voice controlled methods.

9. Many of us have affixed our CR100 charging cradles to walls and buried the wires. We do not want these to become a useless ornament.

10. We use the alarm clock feature - very easy with the hard buttons.

11. We accept the "aging battery" issue at our risk although many users have changed their own batteries anyway (a very easy job thanks to internet guides, availability of batteries and the fact that the battery has a plug in connector).

12. We are not comfortable about disposing equipment that works perfectly (even through proper recyling channels) - unnecessary e-waste is bad for the environment.

13. It is instantly available to control our systems - we don't want to have to go through the process of unlocking our device and waiting for an app to launch.

14. We like the feel of hard buttons and can use it in the dark with our eyes closed. Other button based options Sonos currently sell fall completely short in terms of full system control.

15. It operates without the need for access to the Internet.

16. It does not depend on a service that has additional privacy implications / concerns.

17. It is dedicated to the whole-home music system so it is intuitive – so much more so than the apps.

18. It has a quick response for essential functions, visual feedback on the screen & great zone control compared to apps.

19. We feel it starts a bad precedence for forced obsolescence which can only be bad for the Sonos brand.

20. The CR100 is a branded Sonos item so anybody using it immediately knows what system they are controlling.

21. We are not seeking to hold back Sonos development at the expense of other non CR100 users. However, the CR100 is a fixed piece of hardware that will never change. We feel that this makes it easy to remain part of the Sonos system for future updates. We accept that new features will not be added to the CR100.

22. As the rightful owners of the CR100 we feel it should be us, not Sonos, that decides at what point to retire our products.

In conclusion
I have owned and used my Sonos equipment daily since 2005 and have never had a need in the past to use these forums.

Judging by many of the users and their relatively low post counts (many of them new sign ups solely to post on this forum), I am not alone.

From reading their posts, these users are genuinely worried, alarmed and confused as to what the future holds for their Sonos systems - systems that they have clearly spent a huge amount of money on.

We know of a number of users on the forum (I myself am one of them) who, despite being registered with Sonos, have not received any email communication about this issue. Our concern is that there are other CR100 users totally unaware of this forum and what is about to happen. We suspect these casual users choose - for whatever reason - not to upgrade as and when new firmware is released and our fear is that they will upgrade, "just to get current again", several months from now and lose their CR100s without warning.

We accept that the CR100 is a relatively old piece of hardware that does not have the capability to handle future system enhancements - we do not expect Sonos to offer continuing future support for the CR100 at the expense of adding new features to the overall system.

Yet, the CR100 is still an extremely reliable piece of hardware and remains for many their first (or only) choice as a means to control their Sonos systems.

For the reasons outlined above, we urge the provision of a legacy software version held at 8.4, available as a choice, when we check for system updates.

This way, we have options. We can choose to remain at 8.4 or, at a time that is right for us, upgrade to the very latest software as and when any new features are sufficiently tempting for us to retire our CR100s.

Another benefit of this arrangement is that we can choose - at any time - to roll back to 8.4 should we decide we want to extend the life of our CR100s for as long as possible.

As and when we install this legacy software, we do not expect any form of technical support from Sonos.

The main benefit to us, of course, is that it will allow us to continue using our CR100s, even in the event of having to perform a full factory reset or reconnecting spare units that have not been used in some time.

The main benefits to Sonos? This would be seen by us as a massive goodwill gesture and we would be happy to continue investing in Sonos components from your entire range as we are aware that all hardware currently available is compatible with 8.4. In addition, we would continue to recommend Sonos as "the manufacturer to go to" for easy to use, well supported multi room audio solutions.

Therefore, we believe the provision of this legacy software is a simple, elegant and hassle free solution for Sonos.

If legacy software is technically not possible, or you simply decide that you are unwilling to provide this option for us, we would be grateful to know the reasons behind this.

Finally, thank you for reading this letter.

Much time and effort has been put in to compiling our arguments and we would respectfully ask that you do the same in offering your response.

Yours sincerely

John Roberts
On behalf of all users wishing to continue using their CR100s
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If Sonos' leadership goes forth, it is an awkward at best way to reward its most loyal customers. The only people who own a CR100 were the Sonos early adopters. I purchased Sonos in Septermber of 2007 and later added the CR100. I purchased 5 of them to outfit a large home, and if my recall is correct, there was no smart phone app available. So due to the time and technical support (i.e., cost) to continue to support the CR100, Sonos is faced with making a decision for themselves or for their most loyal customers. I have easily replaced the batteries a few times with no difficulty. Also, to offer "one coupon per family" suggests that my loyalty of purchasing 5 CR100's is also of no value to Sonos. Leadership matters and trickles down to every employee of a company, and then it diffused out to customers. What's the message you are trying to send me, Sonos?
Just received the CR100 I bought on ebay for a tenner the other day and wanted to share my thoughts on it. The controller is meant to be used in the bathroom where touchscreens naturally have their limitations (think about using it in the shower or tub...soap, water, the lot).

So I'm playing around with this fossil for an hour or so and it's truely staggering how essential hardware button control becomes once you've got used to it (keep in mind I've only been using the smartphone app so far).
I experienced the same when I drove a Tesla as a rental car recently and realized my struggle with the car's touchscreen heating controls. It looks brilliant and all, but seriously lacks haptic feedback and you really cannot control it properly without looking at the screen. A simple knob is so much more ... tactile.:8

The CR100 is (optically) pretty worn out after years of (I suppose) heavy use but still works like a charm. I'm planning to sandblast and spray the front plate in a nice color to give it something of a fresher look. The device is running firmware version 4.3.2 from 2013 which seems to be the latest available update for the CR100. It immediately connects to the closest zone player in range (I forced this by powering off the currently connected player and watched the controller connect to the next one in range). Works exactly as expected without any noticeable lag. Easy to use graphical user interface, obviously someone wrapped their head around the scrollwheel control back then. Sturdy and waterproof product. Bit heavy compared to nowaday's handheld devices but then again it's a design of 13 years.

TL;DR: got myself a used CR100, love the tactile controls and UI (yeah, call me oldschool), it's pretty clever design after all. Can see now why this thread is closing in on 1.300 posts. The entire thing must be a nightmare for those poor chaps working in techsupport...
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My reply back to Mike Carlino:
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply and clarification of the voucher offer - I have passed your comments on to the rest of the community for their information.

As to legacy software, at least you used the words "currently" / "at this time" and not "never"!

We can only hope that in time, Sonos will have a change of direction and offer some kind of legacy software in order to fully maximise the life of ALL the great hardware that is still in use today throughout the world.

Many thanks

And at that, I think it is time to draw a line - there is no point pushing the issue further in my mind at this time.

So, that's me pretty much done here.

Yes, it's been a bumpy ride. We've had some laughs along the way and I feel I've made some friends here (give up you'll set me off) so I'd like to say......right that's enough of the Oscar speech.

Finally, I'll make a note in my calendar to come back in 12 months time to start the thread - "Who's still using their CR100s then?"

Best wishes to you all and enjoy your CR100s for as long as you can.
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Sonos abandoning the early adopters and hardcore users that made their company...
Typical, just like Apple abandoning the creative users that established their company. Dedicated hardware is cool. Sonos, you used to be cool, what happened?
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Dear Sonos

To say I am disappointed by your actions is an understatement. I have four CR100 controllers used in bedrooms as part of a ten zone system costing many thousands of pounds. Like many other parents we do not allow any computers, smartphones, tablets and the like to be taken upstairs. This will not change. My children all have Play 5's and I love them having unfettered access to music via their CR100's with no risk at all of them accessing anything else.
Your decision to stop supporting the CR100 therefore also effectively makes three of my Play 5's and the three Play 1's my wife and I have in our bedroom and en-suite redundant as we also follow the 'no browsers upstairs' rule.
Like many others I understand that your development into voice control and so on may not be implementable on the CR100. That's fine but I don't want it anyway and never will. It's not what I bought it to do. My Sonos system does exactly what I need it to, perfectly, it cost me a lot of money, it is my property. PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE!
As for the battery concerns, I, like many others have installed new batteries so it's a total nonsense to cite this as a reason to throw all this tech in the bin.
I know I can follow your alternative and 'lock down' my system to keep CR100 functionality but equally I know full well that it will be but a short while before Spotify, for example cannot be accessed without an update to the latest (increasingly unwieldy and un-user-friendly) app.
I know also that I can buy a load of other stuff and cobble together controllers for the kids. Why the hell should I have to? I have four functioning items that do the job perfectly well as long as you keep your meddling fingers out.
I have always championed Sonos and your customer service to press has been outstanding. Now I'm left feeling cheated and angry. I am being railroaded into doing something I don't want to do or to accept that you have just consigned a lot of my perfectly functional and expensive equipment to the bin.

I doubt you will change this decision and so once I am unable to use my system any longer just as I do today it will have to be replaced and no Sonos product will ever enter my house or workplace again. Additionally I will make a point of reversing my hitherto hearty recommendation to all and sundry to invest in your products and instead advise that they stay well clear.

Your paltry offer of a voucher is of no use. In the first place it should be a voucher per CR100. In the second place you offer no viable alternative controller. In the third place it's only any use if I wanted more Sonos......ha ha ha ha dream on!

In short Sonos, this is very, very poor.
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I would whole heartedly agree with you if you hadn't made 16,378 replies on this forum. Including a considerable number in a thread about a topic that you view as tilting at windmills. That can't be constructive, relaxing or charitable. Antagonistic maybe but not that which you apparently strive for. You have spent too much time worrying about the 0.002% of customers. Move on?

The vast majority of my 16K replies in this forum are helping people with their purchasing decisions or technical support. For free. That is the very definition of charity. The fact that I get a little antagonistic towards those who are only here to piss and moan is just a side effect of my main reason for being here. So it is you who should move on, I will keep on helping those who need some help.

As to this thread, I haven't posted here in many, many days. In fact, I only really post in here when the rhetoric gets so silly, and the echo chamber gets so insulated, that you folks need a little dose of reality to talk you down to earth.

The majority of posters in this thread are simply people who listen to their music using the equipment that they bought and paid for in the manner that they bought the systems for in the first place.

They don't spend their lives on internet forums posting on subjects that they have no real concern about and have only emerged posting on here because of an action imposed on them that has a real effect on their usage of their own legal property.

That does not make them people that are only here to piss and moan, they are only here in the first place because it is a forum where people can express concerns and these people have concerns.

Who are you to decide that these people need a little dose of reality? If Carlsbeg did condescension they would have a hard time keeping up with you.

You and the other mega posters what do you do for fun?

People have already requested that you turn your attention elsewhere but it looks like you just can't help yourself.

Sonos support who have been MIA for the majority of this debacle feel free to butt in and delete whatever you want seems like thats your only contribution so far ........
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The technology at Sonos already exists to run multiple version of beta software. We can have an app delivered through control panel as confirmed by the beta testers. Our systems will know what they are doing and not upgrade to 8.x and kill the CR100.

The software will need no modification as it already exists as either 8.3 or 8.4, it will just need replicating and version numbers tweaking.

The functionality exists, the overhead to Sonos is miniscule.

This would seem a win win win for:
- Sonos, as they protect the biggest advocates of the system
- The Users, as we get to keep the CR100, whilst allowing onward development of the system.
- The Environment as except in a very cases continued use is better than landfill. I did look for an environmental policy on the website but failed to find one. May be this is why Sonos is OK with landfill.

If/when you deliver the killer upgrade that everyone is dreaming off (makes cheese toasties or whatever) we can rejoin the main path.



P.S. Before the board police go off on one:
Chicks - I know the Echo is better than cheese toasties already.
Chris - I know you like John's posts better
JGatie - I know my post is utter nonsense
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@stevecomp3. You have the option not to update, keep what you have, including the CR100

John B
I have locked down my system, and will not update and keep my wall up as long as i can.
I have also come to realize while repairing these units that there are security certificates and occasional updates required to keep some of the internet connected streaming working.. I believe 1-2 years down the road the only thing officially working will be local files,
Only Sonos can confirm/deny this, but I do believe the lack of any further support to allow certificates to update or fixes to the EXISTING streaming services then Sonos will all be killing the functionality of the players if we do not allow the updates to happen.

Again, they sold this product to use, as buyers we believed the simple ability of a controller to function as a controller would happen until the controller becomes dust in my hands, not when the company that sold us this product makes a decision that they want to travel down a different path than we wanted to go down (for that matter the path did not even exist when the product was sold) and this means that the product I purchased is going to become trash by Sonos's choice.
Let Sonos continue down the SonosV2 path, or give us a Sonos Legacy path, but find a way to make it official choices where users do not have to build a wall and hide just to keep what we purchased working.
if Sonos makes it a choice THEN they should be providing the needed updates to retain the CR100 and allow for the current streaming.
Sonos should be recognizing the issue is not going to be accepted by many of the CR100 owners and they should have officially provided different paths for us to take.

for the current generation and early adopters, they do not have much allegiance to anything these days, they likely never saw a CR100 and do not care. Good luck keeping these users long term.
my generation does show alleginace, and we do not take kindly to any company that forces their costly changes on us, in this case its in all the CR100's we care about and by extension all the SONOS gear I own as well. Good luck getting us back, screw us once shame on you........

its all boiling down to a matter of time, And Sonos has the chance to make this right. 3rd party controller is not the answer. and forcing me to take a path I have no interest in is not either.
This thread has passed into tin foil hat territory. I knew I should have stayed out.
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Well, here we are. Entirely predictable. The gloaters out in force after D-day. Haven't seen any of them condemn Sonos for the serial lies peddled in this sordid episode? Plenty quick enough to jump on posters that may have got details wrong through the thread. About sums it up.

When I first joined this thread I was taken aback by the aggressive, disruptive and condescending posts from these forum members. In other forums I have seen members either warned or banned for such behaviour but it would seem that it is acceptable here.

Regardless, much to their pleasure I will be leaving now and not coming back. Not only is Sonos as a company now dead to me, but due to the behaviour of these gloating know-it-alls, so is this forum.

I really pity those who only now find out that their CR100s have been, or will be, bricked by 8.5 and come to these forums looking for help and perhaps a little sympathy. I'm certain that neither will be forthcoming from the members in question.
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So, I wonder what’s coming in early April that is causing the removal of CR100 support? I would have guessed Audible, but that’s already here. AirPlay 2, but Apple seems to be stumbling big time with that. Google Assistant? Voice control of local NAS files? Anyone have better ideas of what it might be?

Oh I think that is fairly straight forward. The new CEO has pedigree.
- Firstly it will be a reduction in the support team head count for second tier support for the nasty network issues. Any Sonosnet, spanning tree problems, or other network will be met with a suggestion of disabling all wired zones and connecting via WiFi. This can start from April (actually some of it has already started)
- Next will be the CR200 (easy meat really)
- After that Sonosnet will be gone as superfluous
- The whole team of expensive secondary support guys who are there to support users with network issues can now go.
- et voila an entire expensive department gone and no impact on current users
- any future dropouts can now be blamed on the customers Wi-Fi

It is a play by play account of what happens when the innovator departs and a CFO takes over.

The excellent support provided by Sonos over the years is a cost, it has little perceived benefit on the books, the only benefit was the advocates pushing Sonos - and we are no longer required as they are now much bigger.

So I bet there is not a single feature that comes in April that would warrant the removal of the CR100.
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Forced obsolescence:
Just a thought on this and other decisions the new CEO/management team might be planning by slowly killing off some of the expensive audio system/components we purchased from them.

Sonos has been reducing staff for some months now. They may have even farmed-out the last update/design of the awful IOS apps which might explain why it doesn’t work or look like any prior Sonos controller interface (physical or OS based).
I think the new CEO is pimping out the company to be sold to: fill in the blank (Apple or Amazon might be strong options). They want to clear off all legacy costs, reduce even more costs/personnel and farm-out whatever they can. If a $100 sales voucher (as lame and insulting that is given they have no hardware that takes the place of the CR series) produces a little bump in revenue, even better (Sonos runs sales all the time). They are probably also making sure their ecosystem becomes compatible with any potential buyer.

Companies with long-term planning/outlook don’t insult/diminish their loyal customer base like Sonos is doing now. This is the typical, cut-it-to-the-bone-and-sell-it mentality I’ve witnessed with years in the tech industry.

Sure some in this forum may argue that forcefully obsoleting the CR100 represents a drop in the ocean of Sonos customers and the forum proves it with only 200+ individual responses, yet I seriously doubt most CR100 owners either know about the impending change or care to devote the time necessary to seek out and post in this forum. We’ll never know how many support calls there have been to Sonos on this subject (yet alone emails to the staff and management). The old adage: “only 1 in 100 pissed-off customers ever let you know – they just quit you” is probably true considering this decision.

Any potential buyer for Sonos is more interested monetizing current and future Sonos owners through the use-data. Sure the brand legacy might be interesting, but I’ve seen too many acquisitions where the customers of the product(s) were dropped like a hot lead weight soon after the purchase (how’d that go for you Noika, Visio, and many more when Microsoft bought you then dropped you?).

Patrick Spence responded to my email (canned response because it was the same language/paragraph that Mike Carlino used) claiming that “we are not bricking the CR100 – the choice is up to you” or such. In one sense he’s correct, but that choice is kind of false choice given the ever changing landscape of network security threats (yup these are connected devices) and the distinct possibility that we’ll lose streaming services let alone the ability to add ANY NEW Sonos equipment (another kind of short-sighted thinking if they ever want us to expand our systems). He went on to add something to the affect that they have prolonged the life of the CR100 as long as they can – it’s effectively a 13 year old computer. I happen to look at is as a 13 year old working audio controller for my entire Sonos system. It was refreshing that neither Mike nor Patrick mentioned that the battery was dangerous in their responses, yet no answer to my question about killing off my ZonePlayers next. While I appreciated that they did respond (and I think every person in this forum should take a few minutes to email them - see support page/contact), it’s still just not cool and I’m afraid that if I’m correct in my assumption, a sell-off of Sonos won’t bode well for any current Sonos users/owners. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

An excellent piece Kassey, thank you.
I agree with everything including the idea that we should all take a little time to write to the top people to let them know our feelings about being ripped off in such a disgraceful manner. Like you say, I notice there has been no further mention from the "experts" at Sonos of the "fire risk" of recharging older lithium batteries, what absolute nonsense that was! That ridiculous idea would render most older mobile phones in the world useless by their reckoning!
Meantime I've given them a scathing review on Trust Pilot in the meantime to kick the ball rolling on there. Trust is what business is all about and having wrecked that they have no business being given an excellent rating on Trust Pilot!
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An Echo Dot does a better job than the CR100 for a good chunk of your list...

I don't agree with this comment.