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Sign the petition and contact Sonos customer support and let them know what you think.

442 signatures and growing :D

Also, consider locking down your system to prevent your CR100 controller(s) from being bricked - must be done BEFORE the next Sonos software/firmware update). Checkout my guide here :

A thought occurred to me recently.... I know 'some' of us already have opened support cases with Sonos, mostly it would appear to little effect other than to have the case closed with the standard party line as the 'resolution'

But has every one of the 442 signatories opened a case with support? - might that make a more noticeable blip on Sonos' radar than this thread, which it seems that apart from very occasional attention from Ryan S, Sonos are paying absolutely no attention to?

I presume that since they do have a formal support operation, that they will be taking metrics from it, and potentially have board level representation for the support part of the organisation.

Several people have said things along the lines of "wouldn't want to be in Sonos' support dept, come the big day"... - why wait until then? - why not mount a sustained campaign of raising support requests - perhaps with a boilerplate title & issue description that we can agree between ourselves (like "the letter")...

Maybe, just maybe, a flood of many hundreds of near-identical support cases bemoaning their current course of action might garner more attention? - Of course it may very well garner no more productive outcome than the current parroting of the same-old same-old (which on past evidence seems depressingly likely), but even so, it would have to at least get 'some' attention right? - just to acknowledge a spike in the monthly stats?

We could even keep re-opening the cases if they keep just being closed with the same "tough luck" response... then the stats might get even more of a spike...

Ikrananka, do you think it would be worthwhile adding an additional strapline to your regular post with the URL for the support page, details of how to log a case, and perhaps the boilerplate items I mentioned above?

Wouldn’t this just be taking much needed support away from other genuine community customers who really need it. Do you want to do that to other folk that are not involved with these issues? I’m not sure that would bring about any further support for your cause. In fact it may help to turn the community majority against you. I don't personally think that is the best way to fight your corner.

Perhaps.... it was posited as a question, not a suggestion... But I can't help but think of famous letter writing campaigns of the past (Bjo Trimble/Star Trek comes to mind). Indeed I would not want to impinge on other "genuine community customers" if I can help it (well, most of them anyway)... but that would seem to imply that you regard the aggrieved CR100 users as not being "genuine community customers" - and I think I take a little bit of exception to that assertion... in very much my own opinion, my concern that my primary method of control of my system is slated to "stop working" is very much a genuine support issue... others may agree with that stance, or not, it's a free world.

I also think that, as has been evident, there are 'plenty' of users out there who don't know what's about to happen... - we keep seeing new posters pop up every other day starting their first post with "I've only just learned about this"... Don't you imagine that next Wednesday the support board is going to be flooded anyway with lots of "My CR100 is showing an error" support calls, and that is similarly going to have the same effect on other community members, and that's all of Sonos' own making?

No, just to clear up one point you/we are all “genuine customers” ... I was talking about the “OTHER genuine customers” who are not affected by CR100 issue ... you have just misunderstood my post, if you think otherwise. I would not be so rude as to assert you were anything other than a genuine customer. In any event the main issue of my text is that it would be unfair to those OTHERS, who we all know have nothing to do with this forced obsolescence. To do anything that may take away from them their much needed Sonos customer support is not helpful. That’s why those OTHER folk often come to the community in the first place and they may need the help of Sonos customer support... I don’t think bogging the Support Team down with multiple 'repetitive' newly-opened support cases is achieving anything, other than it may drive away the support of those OTHERS from ever supporting your cause.

I’m sure many may already support your cause, like me, and have some empathy for your situation, so why do anything to spoil that? The argument is not even with Sonos Support in the first place, who are instructed employees of the company. You need to ensure the focus remains aimed at the decision makers and not the messenger.

This is the official sonos view. It illustrate a severe lack of respect of their customers. To solve a problem they have created they are asking IOS users to give up on a very core feature of the app store and having to manage app updates themself. So inconsiderate from SONOS!!!

It’s inconsiderate of Sonos to use the only official way Apple allows to update apps? Lol. This thread continues to be an endless source of amusement!
this is a money grab, which is why customers are enraged.

This is, actually, a sound business decision, aimed at staying relevant in the face of ever increasing competition. Until the Echo, Sonos dominated the multi room WiFi music market. Echo turned the space on its head, and Sonos has been scrambling ever since. Continuing to support a UI that dates back to when the iPod had that clunky scroll wheel UI simply isn’t forward looking. Who in their right mind would buy a device with that UI new today?
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I sort of see the point, in that I can at least mute the radio when the phone rings (can't use the app when on the phone as I haven't an eyeball in my ear).

Fair comment but an expensive way to mute. It is only my zone player amps that are inaccessible otherwise each device can be muted with the switch on top as I think somebody else said before.
Sonos is perfectly aware of which CRx00 controller hardware is registered to the SonosID/account. It's at

About My Sonos System shows the devices in the system at that moment. It doesn't list controllers, apart from some data about the one requesting the information.

has Sonos at all considered making a replacement physical button controller to replace the CR100 or CR200? if not, I believe you are missing an opportunity.

With a display? That would sell in the dozens, and cost well into the $hundreds. Not even remotely realistic.
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I too have just had a reply from Sonos customer service as below. I wasn't actually aware of this product, does anyone currently use it?
To confirm the 100GBP voucher offered for being a loyal Sonos customer can be used to purchase the dedicated controller we currently offer on our website, the iPort xPRESS Audio Keypad. This device can be used as a dedicated controller for your Sonos system.

This looks like the voucher can ONLY be used on a iPort xPRESS, this is getting worse....
@stevecomp3. You have the option not to update, keep what you have, including the CR100